Where to take a woman on a date

These places to take women on a date are amazing at hinting the right things about you, they are going to make you appear as confident, self-assured and highly attractive to a woman.

Indeed, if you don’t already take women to these places on your dates, they probably see you as not very confident.

When I was first starting to date women, I’d take them to the usual places like restaurants and the movies, soon I noticed that nearly all the women would dump me sooner or later, the really honest ones would even tell me that they just don’t trust me and find me very confident.

Later I found what I was doing wrong: the places I was taking women to were sending the wrong messages about me!

The first place to take a woman on a date is: no place.

I’ve told this advice to a lot of guys and nearly all of them have told me that “it can’t be” and that “I’ll appear very cheap!” . . .

The truth is that this “place” is one of the best ones to make a woman know how confident you are and how good and attractive you feel about yourself.

Let me ask you this question: what does it tell about a guy who will take a woman to a fancy place, pay her an expensive meal . . . ?

It tells that he is compensating for a lack he has, “he isn’t man enough to seduce me, so he will pay for me!

 That’s what women are thinking when you do it.

However, when you call her, meet her, only have a nice walk with her, buy her an ice cream on the street, she enjoys your conversation and your humor, and then you say bye and you go away, she will deep down know that you are the real deal and that you are very confident that she would like you even if you don’t pay a lot for her.

The second best place to take a woman to on a date is: your next door coffee shop.

I love Starbucks, I just can’t live without it when I’m in the US, it has a great smell, great people, secure environment, the drinks are cheap “enough” and there is a nice atmosphere in it.

What I love even more about Starbucks is that it is everywhere!

When I want to take a woman on a date, I’ll simply tell her to meet me in a nearby coffee shop, I’d then have a great conversation with her, let her enjoy her time and don’t ruin myself.

Again, it sends the right signals about you as the previous place.

The third place to take a woman to is: the park

I don’t seem to recall a city I’ve been to where there aren’t any parks!

It’s an environmental crime in my opinion.

Women are bored with their lives ,they are bored with their one bedroom apartments, they are bored with the noise and the crowd, so when you call her and take her to a very nice park and buy her a simple delicious hot dog, guess what?

You’ve become her savior, the man who takes her into adventures and who is daring with her.

Very few guys would take women to a park on a date; they seem to think that it’s not suitable.

The truth is that women love it a lot.

I’ve once taken a very beautiful woman to a nice park in my city, it started raining, I went under an elevated tree and we sat under it, it wasn’t cold at all and we just kept on chatting, when the rain was over, we resumed our walk, took her to the kids’ playground and played a little.

She was in heaven and kept on smiling and giggling all the time.

Just be daring with women.

The fourth place to take a woman to is cheap theater.

I was very bored some months ago, I couldn’t decide where to go, so I tried to walk in the old city, I spotted a sign that a students’ troop were playing, I booked a cheap ticket and watched the play, it was very good and they really putted their hearts into it.

I then took my girlfriend there and she was very enthusiastic and amazed.

We passed a good time and then we had a nice pizza outside.

Women want to be entertained; they don’t care about the price.

The fifth place to take a woman on a date to is shopping.

Women love to shop, in fact, they will become very outgoing and talkative when shopping.

Think of some things you want to buy and take her with you, she will like it and will have fun with you.

I prefer to do this when I want to buy clothes.

Good luck!