Why men don’t understand women?

In my opinion, if men started understanding women more, there will be fewer wars, fewer economic crises and a happy and peaceful world to live in!

However, this is far from being the reality and even with our lawful societies and digitized world, men still don't get women.

I'm going to show you the reasons why men don't and probably will never understand women; I assure you that if you study and work around them, you are going to become irresistible to women.

  • The first reason why men don't understand women is because they are wired differently.

Men’s and women’s brains are wired completely differently, I don't mean that one is more intelligent or weaker than the other, what I mean is that both have differences and specific characteristics.

Men are more logical and mathematical, they use rational thinking and rules in order to understand the world, however, women use their emotions and feelings in order to interpret and understand their environment.

When a man is confronted with a problem, the first thing he will do is try to understand it and try to think of a solution, however when a woman is confronted with the same problem, she will try to "feel it" and talk about it to others in order to get compassion and empathy.

  • The second reason why men don't understand women is because they are stubborn.

Some things cannot be hidden, like the fact that men, nearly all of them, are very stubborn and will not accept a new idea very easily!

This doesn't help men to understand women and also understand there true nature, some men will even think that it is "unmanly" to try to understand women and that they may look feminine and weak!

This is the reality of men; most of them are too stubborn to realize that women are different and that they should behave completely differently with them.

  • The third reason is fear of loss.

For many men, understanding women and getting what they are and what they want is out of the question because they fear looking weak and losing their "personality".

And even in our modern society, most men still think the same way as centuries ago, they still think that women are inferior in some way and that they should not be trusted or treated equally.

In other words, they fear losing their dignity and their manhood.

I know that what I'm saying here is going to sound horrible and even unrealistic, but it is the predominant mentality among many men.

  • The next reason why men don't understand women is because they hate change.

A friend of mine was having a difficult time with his wife, she was complaining and feeling unloved by him, when he told me what was going on, I came to the realization that it was a "bed" problem, they haven't had sex in months and she was worried that he may be cheating on her!

When I asked him to read a book on how to please women sexually and how to satisfy them emotionally as well, he promised me to do it, but unfortunately he never did!

Needless to tell you that his marriage ended very badly and two innocent children lost their childhood forever!

This is not a rare phenomenon, trust me, the majority of men are scared of changing and are going to refuse it as strongly as possible.

  • The last reason in my opinion why men don't understand women is because they don't listen.

No need to read books and listen to tapes on women’s psychology and other self-help materials, you can only sit next to a woman and open your mind and ears, trust me, she will tell you everything you need to understand and know about pleasing her and becoming the best guy for her.

Unfortunately, most men are not ready yet to start listing to women, in fact, most are going to get bored with women very easily and very quickly, that's why there is a huge communication breakdown between the two and it is making men frustrated and women depressed!

If you want to become truly an amazing man, you have to start understanding women, and the first step to do is to realize all these mistakes you are doing and avoid them.