Why women lie to men?

Men are faced with many difficult dilemmas when dealing with women, on the one hand, women want to be treated in a very specific way, and on the other hand, when guys treat them the way they say they want to be treated, they are not satisfied and they may even cheat on them!

This is the reality of dating women, if you do not understand them, you are going to find yourself puzzled and even frustrated by their behaviors.

And one of the most hated behaviors is lying, in fact, most men are going to tell you that women they know have lied to them on many occasions, yet these men cannot understand why they do it.

Today, I'm going to tell you why women lie to men and most importantly how to stop them from doing it.

  • The first reason why women lie to men is because they don't trust them.

This idea is very important to understand about women, it is the fact that when women don't trust a man they are going to find ways to avoid facing him with the truth and hurting his feelings.

In fact, you must understand that whenever a woman is lying to a man, it is probably because of him!

Although I don't like blaming people a lot, for the majority of occasions, men are to blame for most things women do to them.

So, if you want women to stop lying to you, you have to start developing yourself more and becoming more trustworthy.

You do this by accepting everything from a woman and not showing an aggressive behavior or a moody personality when she is telling you the truth.

It is very important to understand that women will not trust you unless you trust them first.

  • The second reason why women lie to men is because they are weak.

I'm not saying here that women are weak, what I'm referring to are men, most men are afraid of losing face with women, thus they are going to start acting weak and extremely "friendly", and this is the surest way to make women upset and to never satisfy them emotionally.

The truth is that the more you fear losing a woman, the more she is going to try to keep you away from her.

The best thing you can do is to avoid thinking using a scarcity mentality, in other words, stop thinking that women are rare and finite, which is what most guys do.

In fact, there are millions of women in this world that are a perfect match for you and who are truly looking for you and praying to meet you.

  • The next reason why women lie to men is because they are not satisfied.

In this post, I'm not talking about minor lies that are going to serve an innocent purpose, the lies I'm talking about are related to cheating and are dangerous, they are lies that drive men crazy and even lead them to violence!

A woman once told me that if a man cannot satisfy her sexually, he must not be with her!

I totally agree with this and cannot think otherwise.

You have to make sure to apply yourself into learning how to satisfy a woman, not only sexually but also mentally and emotionally.

If a woman is unsatisfied, she is going to cheat, lie, and run away from you, and I'm not just talking here about sexual satisfaction, I'm talking about emotional and psychological satisfaction as well.

  • And the last reason for women lying to men is fearing for themselves.

Some men tend to have very weak self-esteem and personality, they will either storm violently at a woman or they may become extremely weak emotionally.

This is why the majority of women tend to lie to men, they want to protect themselves from their mood swings, they are looking for stability.