Women want a real man!

It’s true, women want a real man, and I’m going to show you how you can become the type of man all women secretly dream of being with.

I’m really tired of turning the TV on and seeing all these pseudo-men!

They look so fake and unnatural!

Women want a real man, a man who can take responsibility, a man who can protect them, a man who can be counted on. . .

I’m going to give you seven traits of real men, after reading them, you won’t be the same, you will become the real man women so desperately want and look for.

The first trait women want in a real man is decision making

I don’t know if you have ever noticed this, but women are lousy decision makers.

If you are with a woman in a restaurant, and the waiter asks her for her order, she is going to take more time and more thinking to come up with a decision and then she may even hate it afterwards!

This is not a big problem because from now on, you are the one to make decisions for her, you are the one to help he decide.

Women love to see a man trying and making decisions for them.

There is one thing women hate the most about weak men, it’s their lack of risk taking.

The second trait women want from a real man is risk taking.

Whenever you are with her and you’ve got an idea, why not act on it.

If she is with you and it’s time to kiss her, don’t wait for her to make the first move towards you.

It’s you the man who must and need to take all the risks, it’s you who should advance with her and take her by the hand and lead her.

A woman expects you to do, so you better start doing it soon or she will be looking for a real man.

The third trait of a real man is the ability to defend himself.

You don’t need to kill people or invade countries in order to show that you can defend yourself!

I was once in a nice coffee shop, I asked for a green tea, no sugar and no herbs.

The waiter then brings me a very sugary tea, I tasted it and indeed, it was full of sugar.

I called him and said very politely that I asked for a sugar free green tea.

He took it and gave me my order.

It’s little things like this that show the most courage and an ability to stand for yourself.

Don’t expect others to help you or to stand for your rights, it’s up to you to do it.

The fourth trait women want from a real man is being handsome

Handsome doesn’t mean looking like Brad Pitt or working as a part time model in a Berlin!

No, being handsome simply means taking good care of your appearance and personal hygiene.

Shower at least twice a week, wear nice clothes and nice shoes, put on a great cologne, take good care of your hair and teeth, it’s that simple to become handsome.

In the old days, we used to imagine men looking like beasts, but the reality is that attractive men have always taken great care of themselves and have always been the best looking.

The fifth trait is being cocky

Being cocky and funny with women is one of the best ways to attract them and make them feel secure with you.

I’ve written a great post on this subject some days ago, go on and read it here: click here!

The sixth trait is having a strong personality

When you are with a woman, don’t hesitate to voice your opinion and tell her what you think, it will tell her that you are confident and that you are self-assured.

Confidence is the biggest trait that can attract women to you.

Whenever you see a great woman with an average looking man, you are witnessing the magic of strong self-confidence.

The seventh trait women want from a real man is being good in bed

Women want a real man who can satify them in bed. If you have all these traits under control but you are lousy in bed, she will hate you and hate herself too.

Women are expecting you to lead them in bed and to satisfy every single desire they have.

It’s very important for a real man to know how to fulfill his woman and meet her desires.

It’s not that difficult to learn this area, you just need to read about it.