Five immediate actions to make a woman want you

You may think that it will take days or even weeks to make a woman want you and like you!

It shouldn’t be that difficult and long, I’ll give you here five actions to apply to any woman to make her want you and like you immediately.

  • The first immediate action is leaning a bit backward.

Let me first ask you this question: how can you make a cat interested in you?

The answer is you try to avoid looking at it!

It’s the same with women and men too!

We like to get other people’s approval and we like to get it fast.

This can be seen especially with teenagers.

The most popular and the coolest kids are the ones that don’t give much interest about the others and who will not try to get other teenagers approval.

When you do the same with women and you don’t try to get their approval, in fact, you to tease them and not really pay attention to what they are doing, a nice thing will happen, you are going see women trying to call you, wanting to get dates with you, trying to be all the time with you and getting a lot of interest in what concerns you.

  • The second immediate action to make a woman like you and want to be with you is smelling good.

In one study by Macalester College,  http://www.macalester.edu/academics/psychology/whathap/ubnrp/smell/attraction.html , it is definitely proven that the nicer you smell, the more attractive you will be to women.

It’s not a real secret to say the truth, most guys know that when they take good care of themselves, women seem to be more attracted and please to be with them.

You can read this article I’ve already posted about some of the best colognes and smells to wear to make women really like you:  http://howtoattractwomenhelp.blogspot.com/2011/07/best-perfume-to-attract-women.html  

  • The third thing to make women want you immediately is to learn a magical trick or two.

I’ll make a confession: women are into magic tricks and “out there” stuff a lot.

You can do this now to a single woman and see her eyes open up and looking at you as if you are the only guy in the world:

Look her right in the eyes, take her hand, look at it for thirty seconds and then look her right in the eyes, show the woman her hand and tell her this with a deep and slow voice:

“Your life is full of obstacles, they will seem impossible to overcome, but you are going to meet a tall guy you already know, he will look at you as if for the first time and he will feel so close to you.”

I know, this is just a “line”, but you are going to notice something strange, no woman would resist it or seem to laugh at it.

They are going to say that you are kidding them and it’s not true, but if you keep looking at them and you show them some bogus lines on their hands and tell them: “look at where the life line is going, now look at the heart line ….” They are going to be totally charmed.

  • The fourth immediate thing to do is to tease her.

This will work even if you don’t know her.

Just look for ways to tease a woman and imply to her that you are a very desirable and great guy and she will follow you on it and totally believe you.

One thing one of my best friends does all the time is this: he will look at stranger women and make something stupid with his face, for example, he would show his tongue or play with his eyes…

Now, this will look stupid to you as a man, but for a woman, it tells her that he is fun to be with, good hearted, affectionate and of a great humor, plus very confident.

Women love these traits a lot.

Try to listen to the section on teasing women on my audio course here

  • The fifth thing to do is to take the lead immediately.

There is nothing sexier and arousing for a woman than being with a man who is in control.

If you don’t like to take care of things and always have doubts with women, they won’t be very attracted to you and they’d probably like to get out of your life as soon as possible.

However, when you always take the lead and take care of things for her, she will feel reassured and secure about you.

A good example is asking a woman where to go!

This is a frightening thing for a woman; she doesn’t want you to ask her, she only wants you to take her whenever you want and to be a man.

It’s an important thing to do immediately.

Most of the time, women will test you on it, because it’s so important to them, they are going to “try” to impose their will on you, if you let them, you have failed, however, if you keep on doing what’s on your mind, they would do this:

Follow you and shut up!

These five immediate actions are going to save you so much time and efforts with women and make them want you badly; the best thing is to apply them as soon as possible.