Some amazing and unique blind date questions

Here are some blind date questions you could ask the woman to get her to like you immediately after meeting you:

If you feel adventurous and want to get your dating life going a little faster, why not go on and sign in a blind date?

Blind dates are available in any major city and will make your dating life richer and who knows, you could find your future partner there!

However, most guys are unable to do the right things in a blind date; precisely, they are going to be asking women the wrong questions.

This is the reason why I had the idea to make this list of questions guys could ask women on a blind date to skyrocket their success rates.

Here are the most interesting ones:

First of all, you need to always stay away from question about yourself with a woman.

Many guys will think that they will do great with the woman if they asked her something like this:

1. Do you like guys like me?

2. What do you think of me so far?

3. Am I your type?

4. Do you like guys that are ….?

Well, to ask these questions is like taking a pistol and firing it at your head, it will kill any chance of things going to the next level with her.

Here are the questions I prefer you use them instead of asking her about her opinions of you:

1. "You seem like an interesting person, why am I getting this about you, tell me more about yourself?"

This will get the woman to notice that you are the dominant part in the situation and it will get her to think and try to convince you that she is a great person, trust me, women love guys who can show masculinity.

What woman in the world would answer you with: "no, I'm not interesting; I'm a very boring person"

Most women will jump on the occasion and try to interest you more on themselves.

The next best question to ask on a blind date is:

2. "What kind of music you like?"

You ask her this question and whatever answer she gives you, you do as if she has no taste or that she must be a very boring person, warning!!!! You do this in a playful, fun, manner, you don't want to offend her or to hurt her, the best thing is to keep a little smile on your face while asking her this.

The third blind date question to ask a woman is:


3. I think that you are (a profession). Am I right?

You need first to look at her as if you are intrigued by her and to think of a profession she may be doing or may look appropriate for her and then make the combination and ask her.

This will get the woman highly interested in you and she will even ask you:

Why do you think I'm …?

Try to be playful and to not tell her why you thought that .