Some cocky and funny examples

You will find here some of my cocky and funny lines and situations, use them or simply find inspiration in them.

I will need first to tell you that for these to work with you; you must have the appropriate body language.

Why cocky and funny?

Simple: because it works!

The first cocky and funny comment that comes to my mind was one I did to my wife when we were first dating.

She came a bit late, I stood when she arrived and told her that unless she buys me a tea, I’m going.

I didn’t smile, I didn’t appear angry; I was just cheap and cocky.

She went and got it.

I was happy.

The first thing you need to know about being cocky and funny is that you must be a bit daring and bold, it’s all about being nice and playful without doing nice things to women.

The second example is when a girl talks to you about weight issues.

This one I see a lot: a woman will start talking to a guy about her problems losing a pound or two, next thing, he is a nutritionist and he’ll start advising her on meal plans and other foods to avoid!!


That’s a golden opportunity to make one of the best cocky remarks on her.

Here is what I’ve said to a woman:

Her: this shirt makes me look a bit plump!!?

Me: no, not at all, it makes you look …. ( I posed for some five seconds while looking at her from head to toes) fat. (and I resumed my drink as if nothing has happened)

Her: (red with anger!) what do you mean?

Me: I’ve heard of this great diet, it’s called: the no ice-cream, no-steak, no-pizza, and lots of vomiting diet, it works wonderfully as I’ve heard. I think you must try it.

Her: what!!?

Me: (realizing I went too far, I started winking at her and provoking her with my facial expressions).

Her: stop it!

Me: no I won’t!

. . .

In being   cocky and funny with women, you must be able and ready to tell when you’ve gone too far and always have a backup plan. For me, it was kidding her with my childish facial expressions.

Another great example is when you are walking with a woman.

Women by nature want to follow their man, and thus, she will be flowing you naturally and wherever you go.

This is nothing to consider sexiest or ashamed of, it’s natural, and the crazy thing is that women don’t seem to notice it.

Here is what I did: I stopped, looked at her and told her: “why are you following me?

She didn’t understand.

I then started to move a bit rapidly.

She kept looking, and then I stopped and told her: “only kidding, c’mon, let’s move

She followed me, and again I asked her the same thing “why are you following me?”, and I teased her about not having a strong personality and being too needy of me.

The rule here is that you should have some imagination.

The fourth example is when she compliments you.

Women are nice by nature, when they like you; they are going to complement you and be totally adorable to you.

My wife once complimented me and I said this to her: “ohhh c’mon, I know I’m ugly and unlovable, so please stop trying to make me look important, then I putted my hands on my face and did a horrible crying impresario”

She didn’t know what was happening and only giggled!

The rule here is: be stupid!

The fifth example is when the woman wants to cuddle or a kiss from you.

You tell her: “I hate the way you use me! You think I’m some kind of a cheap sex toy! I don’t do this usually on the first time! I’m human; I’ve got feeling and emotions too!”

Say this with a woman’s voice.

Think for a moment about these sentences I’ve used, you are going to notice that they are all usually used by women!

This is the beauty of copying their lines; women will instantly know that you get it and that you are highly confident.

The sixth example of being cocky and funny is telling her that she is lucky!

A lot of guys out there aren’t really sure why a woman can be interested in them, they think that they don’t deserve her love and being with her!

This is terrible and the woman will soon find out about it.

This is why I really advice you to use this little line when she is having a good time with you:

“You are the luckiest girl alive, I’m telling you. You’ve found this unbelievably sexy man, so strong, so powerful, so intelligent (and you keep adding and exaggerating every positive thing you can think of about yourself)….”

This is a powerful line; women somehow love to see that you know you are good and that you have high self-confidence.

Arrogance is the flip side of cocky and funny, be as arrogant as possible with women, while keeping it funny.