How to date women for marriage

In this step by step guide, you will know how to date women for marriage, where to meet them, how to talk to them and ultimately, how to make them like you and feel very secure and confident about you to spend the rest of their lives with you.

There is a serious rumor about modern guys these days! This rumor says that most men aren’t interested in dating women for marriage and are only interested in “games”!

This rumor is very untrue and incorrect.

When approaching a woman and dating her, most guys are hoping to find a sweet person whom they are going to trust and who will accept them fully as they are and love them for what they are.

I’m going to show you in this step by step guide how to meet such women and how to become the ultimate man for them.

We are going to start with some preparation.

To be her man, you need to become the ultimate man.

Most guys are too lazy to do these very easy steps I’m going to talk about in this section, and if you challenge yourself and do only ten percent of them, I guarantee that most women are going to like you from the first sight and will follow you to the end of the world if you asked them to.

In the preparation stage, there are two things you need to focus on:

The first one is mental preparation and the second one is physical preparation.

I’ve thought these two steps to hundreds of men for more than three years and all of them got amazing results in less than a month.

·          Let’s start with the mental preparation.

What are women looking for in a man?

Most guys have no clue and that’s why they are going to appear worthless to women.

Women want strength, character, humor and lots of decision making from a man.

These are the only things women want from men.

You can spend your whole life learning about these traits, but I’m going to make things much easier for you, I’m going to teach you the source of all these traits, it is confidence.

Confidence is what makes women love a certain man; confidence is what makes women commit to spend the rest of their lives with one man.

How can you grow confident with women?

There are many books out there about self-confidence and self-esteem, I’ve read most of them, but what I’m going to give you isn’t book knowledge, it won’t work with women, I’m going to give you what will make you a confident attractive man to women in less than a month.

To achieve this, you will need to start behaving like a confident man.

You see, our brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.

If you don’t believe this idea, just think about a horrible nightmare you had some days or months ago, I’m sure that you’ve woken up with a heavy breathing and your heart pounding like crazy.

Was it real?

No, just imagination!

Here is the confidence formula you need to start applying to your life:

Start making decisions for your life; it’s the best tool to grow confident

Start talking less and listening more, it’s what great leaders and confident men have in common

Start liking yourself, no confident man will ever call himself “stupid” or “dumb”, talk to yourself confidently and you shall become a confident man.

Start looking into people’s eyes, eye contact is what will tell women that you are confident

Start taking challenges, every day, look for things to do, new “little” adventures you can accomplish, things to be done. no confident man is lazy, he is always looking for excitement in his life.

·          The second area to focus on if your physical aspect.

Dating a woman for marriage purposes means that she needs to like you physically and find you attractive.

It’s not true what women will tell you!

Most women are going to tell you that they like ONLY character in a man and personality!

They are lying, women love the physical aspect too and they will enjoy men who look good and have a personality more than men who look terrible but are confident.

If it was the case, then why not dating a homeless! After all he has the confidence to ask every single person that passes for some change!


Women are looking for a combination of a confidence and good looks in a man.

To appear good looking and physically interesting to women, you don’t need to grow big muscles and to have a flat stomach. . .

You only need to know how to dress well and take good care of your hygiene.

Here are some simple tips to look perfect to every single woman you are going to meet:

·         Always choose darker colors in your clothing, no yellow, no pink. . .

·         Always wear black or brown leather shoes

·         Never wear sport shoes unless you are going to do some sport

·         Cut your hair short, women like men with short hair more than men with long hair

·         Always walk and move a bit slowly, it shows confidence

·         Always wear good colognes, women go crazy for a man who wears nice cloths and smells good

·         Take good care of your teeth; they need to be white, healthy and complete in number!

·         Clean your nose and ears before going out, every single day

·         Trim your nose and ears every single week

·         If you’ve got the time, exercise every day, five days a week, just twenty minutes in the morning, use a stationary bike, it’s what I use and it has given me a superb body is less than a year.

These should do it for you.

By just applying these little tiny tips, you are going to appear a thousand times better looking than most guys.

·          Let’s talk now about where to meet women for marriage.

There are many places where you can meet women, but unfortunately, these places will not be suitable for finding and dating a woman for marriage.

So, I’m not going to suggest places like a bar or a night club for example as most women you are going to meet there are only going to consider you “not serious” because you met them in a “not serious” place.

Here are the best places I like to meet women for marriage.

I’ve met my wife in one of them and I’ve applied the same steps in this post to make her interested in me and confident about me.

The first place is a class.

Cooking class, glass painting, painting, music, art, tea tasting, poetry, dance, singing . . . you name it!

Just choose a subject you are interested in and find a class you like in your town.

Classes are the first places women will think about when they are looking for a husband, go there and make yourself look the best possible.

Don’t go for the very cheap ones, you are going to find lots of frustrated men there too.

I prefer to go to cooking classes that are a bit pricy, I’m going to enjoy the class and I’m certainly going to find lots of interesting women who are serious too.

The second place is weddings and social celebrations.

I’ve met my wife at her friend’s wedding!

Most single women would never miss the chance of going to a wedding.

Do you know why?

Because they too are interested in meeting a nice looking, serious single guy, so they are going to wear their best clothes and expose themselves to potential husbands.

Let me tell you this life changing information: women are looking for you more than you are looking for them.

If you are serious and fund to be with, no woman on this earth is not going to like you, in fact, a woman will leave her friends and family to follow you and be with you if she likes you.

Don’t underestimate and sell yourself short, you are pure gold to most single women.

The third place is shops.

Book shops, candy shops, clothing shops. . .

Every shop which will have women in it is a great place to meet them.

These are the only places I’d recommend you to look into; the others are just going to waste your time.

·          How can you approach a woman and make her like you instantly?

Easy, you need to find a good excuse to do it!

When I saw my wife for the first time, she was putting a piece of cake in her plate, I liked her a lot, so I went to her and simply asked her if there was any cake left, she smiled and said that there were some few pieces, then I asked her to help me choose the biggest one, she did!

Women are very nice by nature and are going to help you when you ask them to.

The guys that get rejected are the rough, “very” direct guys who will go to a woman and say something like this: “I like you, can we go out sometimes?”

No, women want you to be discreet and to show some intelligence when approaching them, women don’t want to be taken by force, they want you to use your wit and intelligence, they want to be “tricked”!

I’m serious here, I don’t mean tricked in a negative way, what I mean is that she wants you to see her as difficult and if you didn’t use your wit with her, she’d have never dated you!

Women are this way, change your ways to win them.

Here is what you need to do when you want to talk to a woman:

Look for something she is doing and ask her about it.

For example, she may be drinking something, approach her, don’t be too polite, she will doubt something, instead say something like this: “hi! Is it Pepsi you are drinking or Coca Cola? I don’t want the waiter to give me a Pepsi! ”

It’s that easy.

Then, after answering your question, just smile at her and move along.

Yes, go away!

This is the intelligent part, women won’t understand your intentions and this is going to create a desire to know you more.

Walk some few steps and then turn around and ask them for their numbers.

When you want to date women for marriage, you need to understand that you are not going to propose to them from the first time you are going to talk to them.

You need to date a woman for at least two months to decide if she is worth your commitment or not.

·          And the last part is about making yourself a great catch.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

Cocky humor, fun activities, decision making and lots of confidence.

These are the things women are looking for in men that they want to spend their lives with.