Five secrets to dating beautiful women

These are the most essential techniques and secrets on how to date beautiful women, if you don’t follow them; you are going to appear as weak and unattractive.

I’ve long noticed that so many guys are going to approach real ugly women, sometimes; the ugliest women are the ones that will get the most approaches!!

I’ve always wondered about this issue, but I guess I’ve found the real reason: men don’t know how to date beautiful women.

This is the reason why I’m going to show you exactly how you can not only approach and attract beautiful women but date them and have massive success with them.

It will sound like a lot of theory to you, but I guarantee you that if you know and use these secrets you are going to appear a thousand times more attractive than the other guys.

1.      Secret number one to dating beautiful women is: beautiful women are waiting for you!

I’ve heard a lot of guys say that you can’t date a beautiful woman unless you’ve got big money or big muscles, but the truth is that this idea is totally wrong.

I’m no millionaire, I’m no muscular guy and I’ve dated a lot of stunning women before, it’s all in the mind!

Here is the thing that struck me the most: a lot of beautiful women don’t see themselves as beautiful at all!!

They know that they are attractive, but deep down; they still doubt that they are beautiful, that’s the reason why you are going to see them spending a lot of money on clothes and make up.

This is all good for you.

Here is how you can use this for your advantages:

2.      The second secret to dating beautiful women is: you need to know how to talk to them.

When an ignorant guy will gather all the courage he has and approach a beautiful women, he will usually make one of these mistakes, or sometimes all of them:

3.       He will compliment her

4.       He will be nice to her

5.       He will try to buy her a drink

6.       Her will stick to her for the whole evening

7.       He will beg her to give him her number

I’ve seen it and I’ve done it before knowing the right way.

Before I tell you about this right way to approaching beautiful women, let’s think about those behaviors from ignorant guys, what do these behaviors do to her?

She will think that it’s just another looser that has no life!

The guy who applies these techniques will have zero chances of success.

The right way to approaching a beautiful woman is to go to her, use a good conversation opener and get her phone number.

Simple and very effective, in fact, if you use this little technique with women, they are going to be struck by you!!! They wouldn’t believe that such a confident and funny man still excites.

You will then know for sure that what I’ve told you at the beginning is true: beautiful women want you too and they are looking for you.

3.      The third secret is concerning the way you are going to date her

To approach her and get her phone number can seem like the most difficult part, but it’s not, the challenging part is to get a great date with her and make her interested in you.

Before you get a date with her, there are certain rules to calling a beautiful woman on the phone; you can find them all in another article on my website: How to talk to a woman on the phone.

When you’ve called her and you got a date with her, you need to apply these rules carefully:

1.       Choose where you are going to take her

2.       Choose the time

3.       Talk about interesting, not boring subjects

4.       Don’t ask her a lot of questions

5.       Let her speak

6.       Don’t interrupt her a lot

7.       Don’t take her to fancy places

8.       Don’t pay for expensive stuff for her

9.       And the most importantly, have fun with her

. . .

I hate to tell guys that the more efforts they are going to put, the less results they are going to get.

It’s the first rule to dating women in general: don’t make too many efforts with them.

And the worst thing I see guys do is taking a beautiful woman to an expensive place!

It will tell one thing about you: you want to impress her.

It’s bad, don’t do it.

4.      The fourth secret to dating beautiful women is to use cocky humor a lot.

All women love cocky humor, but beautiful women enjoy it the most.

Cocky humor is to simply make her have fun with you in a cocky manner, you act arrogantly with her, you don’t compliment her, you aren’t very nice to her in a weak manner, you simply act as if you are with an old friend of yours and you keep on having fun.

5.      The fifth secret is to get physical very quickly.

by getting physical, I mean that you need to take her hands, kiss her, cuddle with her . . . very quickly, don’t wait for the right moment, don’t hesitate, don’t have fears, just look for the right opportunity and advance with her physically, it’s the only way to keep her with you and to keep her interested in you.