Fourteen deal breakers for women when dating a man

Don’t be surprised when a woman shuts you down and dump you cold bloodedly! These fourteen deal breakers for women will tell you exactly what to avoid and what to focus on to become the best man around for any woman.

It’s true, women are very sensitive and will never hesitate to dump you and shut you down cruelly.

Sometimes, you may be thinking that it’s going great with one and that she really likes you, but the next day, you will find her cold and full of anger towards you, within just some few days, she will invite you to meet her and then tell you that she wants to be friends with you!!! Or even worse: never tell what you did wrong!


I’ve always hated when this would happen to me and I’d hate myself for ages because of what she did.

Worry no more, I’ll present to you in this post with the top fourteen deal breakers for women and most importantly, how to escape them and even never fall into one of them in the first place.

I assure you, by the end of this post, you will be better than 99.9% of the men out there and whenever you’d talk to a woman, she will be the one hoping you wouldn’t break up with her :)

So, let’s begin.

The first deal breaker for women is neediness

I had to write this one first because, in my opinion, most relationships and dates will end because of it.

What’s neediness?

It’s simply wanting the woman too much and wanting to be with her too much.

Imagine this, you’ve met a new friend at work, he is nice and very generous, but he doesn’t leave you alone, whenever you stand to go to the coffee machine, you are going to find him next to you, if he sees you talking with another person, he’d come next to you and get involved in the conversation. . .

Would you still like this guy after a week of knowing him?

Of course not, you would want to quite your job by then and you maybe thinking of some excuses for not talking to him and avoiding him.

With women, it’s worse.

When you call her a lot, ask for too many dates, talk to her for long hours, tell her about your every secret and then expect the same thing from her . . . she would hate you!!!

The best attitude with women is a laid back one, call her only when you want a date with her, set a date with her for just two times a week (in the first weeks of knowing her), don’t be stuck to her, don’t expect the world to end when she doesn’t talk to you. . .

The second deal breaker for women is over-complimenting

This one is pretty clear.

Let’s imagine that you’ve just met a new woman, you go with her to a date and the next thing she hears is a compliment about her dress, she feels flattered and think that you are sweet and nice, then she talks a little about work and he hears another compliment about her smile, she smiles back, after some few minutes, another one about her hair, she begins to feel annoyed, another one about her manners, then another one about her hands, one about her smiles (ouch! You’ve already said this one) . . .

By the end of the date, she is exhausted and wants to become a lesbian!

Think of compliments as sweet candy, and the woman as a baby!


Would you give lots of candy to a small baby?

Of course no, you would kill the poor thing and go to jail!!

With women, I prefer to say one compliment a month.

It looks rude, but it works great and when the woman hears it, she can’t believe her ears and thinks that you are the best man in the world.

The third one is being a follower

I hate this one and think that it’s the second worse one after neediness.

I once saw a great looking girl, approached her and got a date with her.

She came and was nicely dressed; I liked her a lot by then and didn’t want to mess things up!

So, I gave her a lethal injection of cowardliness.

I said this to her: “where would you like to go?

She was in shock, she didn’t know what to say and I kept on pressuring her.

We went to a nice coffee but the date was lousy and boring.

I didn’t hear from her since.

. . .

You are the man, always go wherever you want and let her follow you, if she doesn’t, then leave her alone, she would come running to you soon.

A man’s relationship with a woman is not based on democracy, it’s based on “positive dictatorship”.

If you are democratic with women, they will dump your ass quickly!

The fourth one is asking too many questions

  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you have a driving license?
  3. How old is your mother?
  4. Did you grow here?
  5. Is your father still alive?
  6. Do you have a dog?
  7. What’s his name?
  8. Do you wash your hands before eating?
  9. What about when you go out of the bathroom?

. . .

You get the idea, no more stupid questions.

The fifth one is waiting

Your date with her was a success; she likes you and had some crazy laughs with you.

You took her to her home, talked a little with her near her door and then . . . you did nothing!

By then, she must be swearing to never go out with you again!

With women, you have to take the first step, be the first.

  1. If you don’t kiss her, she won’t do it.
  2. If you don’t hold her hand, she won’t do it.
  3. If you don’t ask her for another date, she won’t do it.

. . .

The sixth one is going Dutch

I was reading a dating blog the other day, it’s written by a woman, very informative.

She told the story of a man who invited her to dinner, when they were done, he asked her to share the bill with him???!!!

Are you kidding me!!!!?

Why the heck did he invite her if he wasn’t able to pay for her?

Don’t do it.

The seventh deal breaker for women is putting up with her BS

A woman wants you to be sweet to her, but she doesn’t want you to be a coward.

She wants you to be nice to her, but she doesn’t want you to put up with her BS!

When you see a woman behaving badly with you or saying something mean to you, just smile at her and tell her to say sorry, if she doesn’t, please leave her immediately.

Most women would go extreme and test you on this, if you call them again, you would have lost, but if you kept strong and didn’t care about them, they will be begging you later on and asking forgiveness from you.

Whenever you see her rude to you, not caring, being cold, talking disrespectfully, flaking your dates . . . stop her or she would crush your bones and heart with her manners.

The eight one is insecurities

I’m ashamed to say this, but one day, I’ve told a girl that I don’t want her to leave me!

Do you know what she did the very next morning?

Yes, she left!

You are a man and as so, you must be strong and self-reliant, don’t wait for a woman to make your life complete, you are your own master; you are happy whether she is with you or not, make sure she gets this.

The ninth deal breaker is showing emotions too early

Don’t show a girl that you like her too much and/or that you care for her, she will crush your heart.

I’m talking here about the first few dates where you need to show a strong character, after some months, you can be her sweetheart, but not in the first dates.

The tenth breaker is acknowledging emotions

“I love you”

“You are the sweetest girl alive”

“I like you”

“I can’t live without you”

. . . and other crap!

Don’t say these on the first dates, never, ever!

Wait four months with a woman before saying something horrible like those.

The eleventh deal breaker is being too obvious

I have a good friend of mine, his name is George :-)

Well, when George was young, he would wear a green shirt, blue jeans and brown boots every day for eight years straight.

We finally named him Irish for always wearing green :-)

Don’t be like my friend George used to be, change the way you talk from time to time, change the clothes you like, look for new styles . . .

If a woman sees you the first date wearing something and then sees you every time with the same clothes, she would really start doubting you and feeling that she didn’t do the right choice when choosing you.

The twelfth one is having no life of your own

It’s simple, don’t wait for her to make your life interesting, first have an interesting life, then invite a woman to join you in, don’t do it the other way around.

Have friends, have other female friends, go out on your own, learn to cook good meals, cherish yourself with some good trips abroad or in the country . . . spoil yourself first.

The thirteenth one is being an energy vampire

She is fun but you are dull as hell

She talks about happy things; you see only crisis and chaos

. . .

Be fun too and don’t make pity and misery your seduction techniques, they will only lead you to depression and anger.

And the fourteenth deal breaker for women is seeking her approval

The worst of all!

Don’t wait for her to approve of you, she won’t!

Approve of yourself and try to always forgive and see the good in yourself.

Trust me, if you don’t talk good to yourself, who will?

This world is filled with first class as*h*les who will never give a damn about you or your problems, so don’t seek their approvals.

Don’t seek especially the approval of women, it’s unattractive.

Never ask her about her opinions of you

Never buy her something so as she’d like you more

Never compliment her for the sake of gaining value with her

Never be her “best friend” for the sake of being her boyfriend

Never tell her that you value her opinions of you

Never wait for her to give you the green light to do something

Be a man and always take the lead, never care for the opinions of others, ever.

Good luck!