Seven ninja tricks to deal with mean women

Seven tricks and techniques to make you a master in the art of dealing with mean women. Trust me; she won’t know what hit her :)

She won’t leave you alone unless you use these ninja tricks with her!!!!! :

If you think that women are a mystery, then you are probably right.

Women are a total mystery to most men and trust me when I write most men.

It’s not easy being a man in this day and age.

Especially with the ways women tend to treat us!

All the expectations will be on you and all the blame will fall on you when things aren’t going right!!

There is one thing that would really get on my nerves very fast, it’s mean women, these women that will make your life hell on earth and that will try to degrade you and break every bone of your self-esteem structure!

I’m going to provide you with seven ninja tricks to deal with mean women.

These tricks are guaranteed, they will work on one condition, you need to apply them and not wait for the right moment.

When you see a mean woman betching on you, use one of them immediately.

A friend of mine approached a nice looking brunet once. The moment she saw him, she told him that she doesn’t date “as*h*les!” and she turned her head.

My friend is an expert, and these techniques are his, he looked at her and used one on her, she became red of anger and shame, looked at him as if she saw him for the first time and said: “sorry, I I I had a bad day”.

She was nice to him the whole night and she tried to win him back with every mean possible to her.

Women are strange, she may appear very mean, but the moment you become a man in her eyes and crush her betchiness, she will turn into a nice pussycat :)

The first ninja trick to dealing with mean women is looking them right in the eyes

Eye contact is the strongest tool to use against women.

If you don’t believe this one, just look at a woman, in her eyes for some few seconds, she will blush and you may even get an erection.

It’s funny, but this means that the woman is responding sexually to you.

Eye contact is very strong.

Look in her eyes without smiling, looking angry, speaking . . . just keep looking!

When a woman is throwing at you her mean attitude, look her right in the eyes, look for as long as possible, she will either blow her steam on you and feel like shit or she will look down to the ground and go away with her tail between her legs.

In both cases, you will own her!

The second trick is to keep smiling at her.

A woman once told me that I was an A-hole, I kept smiling at her and making funny eye brows movements, she didn’t understand and by the look in her face, she felt very embarrassed.

The third ninja trick is to ignore her.

Why would you deal with her on the first place, if she is mean, let the bitch go!

You will own her and she will feel like shi-t afterwards.

Most women who are mean use it as a mask to cover their insecurities, when you ignore them and leave them, they will feel even more vulnerable and may go to a corner and start crying!

The fourth trick is use what my friend used

This is the line my friend used on a mean woman:

Is this all you can say? Do you have to be such a weak insecure woman and try to make other people feel bad in order for you to feel good? What a low self-esteem!

And he kept looking in her eyes, then he ignored her and went away!

A few moments, she came to him with red eyes and feeling like shit, said sorry and then my friend asked her to buy him a drink, and she did with a smile.

Use his line too, use the exact same line, don’t change it.

She will feel terrible when you use it on her.

The fifth trick is laughing at her

This one will work best when you are with a buddy of yours.

When she says something mean, look at your buddy and have a funny, arrogant laugh with him, he should play the game too and laugh with all his heart.

Then look again at her and do as if you want to say something, but right then, you laugh again at her.

Then ignore the bithc!

The sixth one is be nice to her

When she says something mean to you, just look her in the eyes and tell her: “I know that this is not the real you, I’m sure that behind this cold, insecure woman, there is a nice, mature grown up woman!” “c’mon, show me your good manners!

And smile at her.

To my surprise and probably to yours as well, most mean women will say: “I’m sorry, I’ve just had a bad day. . .

If she doesn’t do or say this, leave her.

The seventh one is: thanking her

This one is a killer!

When you say it to a woman, she will feel terribly wrong and awful.

Look her right in the eyes and say to her: “thank you!

You must look confident and very self-assured.

And then leave.

Trust me, in her eyes, you’d be considered the meanest guy possible and she will regret her deeds dearly.

These tricks to dealing with mean women works great, just give them a try.