How find a date online for free

Discover four secrets to finding a date online for free.

Nowadays, whenever you say the phrase online dating, the first thing that would come to your mind is a giant like eHarmony or Match.com with their thirty bucks a month subscription fees and millions of subscribers.

I won’t say that these services are bad and not worth investing in, in contrary, I would say that they are a far greater and wiser option than the other services on the internet.

However, most people tend to forget that there are some great services and secrets online to finding a date for zero bucks, yes, for free.

I’ll give you in this post four secrets you can use immediately to find lots of dates online and for free.

The first of these services is match and eHarmony themselves. 

Wait a second!!! Haven’t I told you that these services are not free???!!

Yes I did, but if you reread the first words of this post, you will find the word: “secrets”.

I’m going to give you a little trick that have worked for me for the last two and half years and with which I’ve dated dozens of women for free, without paying a dime.

But first, a warning: don’t make this secret available to other guys; the people at these dating sites are going to find a way to get rid of this trick if they see a lot of people using it.

This trick is simple, first you need to go to match.com and create a free account with them, provide your email address and all the needed information, without the credit card of course.

Then, you simply search for women in your city or where you would like to meet them.

Now, pay attention, you are going to copy the woman’s full name if available and her city and then go to Facebook and look for her there.

If you can only see her nickname, fine, from my experience, most people would use the same nickname with all the other services they are subscribed to.

It’s this simple.

Facebook is free and will not cost you a penny.

The second way to find a date online for free is to use Facebook. 

I’ve already told you about the match.com technique with Facebook, but before getting it working for you, you need to do some work first.

The very first thing is to post some very gorgeous pictures of yourself, no clubbing pictures or drunk pictures, I’ve seen lots of profile of apparently nice girls, but when I navigated their photos’ section on Facebook, I found them half naked!!

Almost every woman would first look at your pictures and if she finds something horrible in there, it would be a total deal breaker for her.

A little dirty secret is to use a service like hotornot, post lots of your photos there and let people rate them.

Use only photos that have got a rating above nine on your Facebook photos’ section.

The next thing is to have a rich wall.

When a woman accepts your invitation into Facebook, she won’t do it because she likes you or because she knows you, she will do it because you are interesting to her.

I take this example from my personal life, whenever someone invites me into becoming friends on Facebook, the second thing I’d have a look at after his pictures is his wall, if he is very lazy and has little things going on, I’d cancel the friendship immediately and I’d know that he is only interested in the girls I know, however, if he has a rich life and very nice things going with his buddies, I feel drawn to know more and I’d even chat with him.

With women, it’s a hundred times stronger; women will always look for social proofs that you are a great guy.

It’s easy to have a rich life in Facebook, just go set Facebook to search into your main email address, and then simply invite all your friends.

Start talking and sharing with the whole group, find amusing posts and funny pictures or videos online, share them and have some laughs.

Never criticize people in your wall, don’t be an ass, just have fun, if you don’t like what a person is saying, fine, delete it.

After you feel that your Facebook account looks attractive enough, start inviting these women you’ve found on match.com .

Look for the names first, then to make your search more accurate, use the city where they live.

When you find one, send her an invitation with a small message telling her that you found her profile on match.com and that she looks “nice” and “healthy” (it never hurts to be funny with women on the first occasion), “but there was a system error on match.com”, so you went and looked for her on Facebook.

The wonderful thing I’ve found is that on match.com and other websites, there will be a lot of competition from other men and women will tend to have their inbox flooded with requests, but on Facebook, due to the system protecting its users, she will be totally devoted to you when she accepts you as her friend and you’d have much greater chances of succeeding with her.

Here is the catch here:

Facebook won’t allow too many friend invitations from your part!!! 

This can be very dangerous and you may lose your account if you ignore it, that’s why I’d advise you to not send more than two invitations a day and please, make sure you really write a good, nice, message in your invitation.

After some women start accepting you, and your account being very active, you will notice that you can send more invitations without getting warnings from the system.

wwwOwww! That was a long section!!! ;-)

Now, the third secret to finding a date online for free is to use MySpace. 

At first, I was a true believer in MySpace and thought that it was the perfect system, but after starting to use Facebook, I lost faith and so did many other people.

However, one boring day, I found nothing to do; I decided to see my old friends on MySpace.

After looking for people, I was surprised to find some really sweet girls there too.

I asked my girlfriend about the reasons and she told me that lots of girls are beginning to hate Facebook because they will get blasted with invitations from douchebags every minutes of every hour of the day, so they’ve run away from Facebook.

That’s a great thing for you!

It’s true, MySpace has far less users than Facebook, but the great new is that you don’t need 500milion users to find a date, you only need a dozen, and MySpace has got some pretty great ones too.

The recommendations are the same with Facebook, don’t invite a lot of people until you’ve build a strong social life.

The fourth secret to finding free dates online is to head to free chat rooms. 

One of the best ones is yahoo chat! .

There are all kinds of interests and topics to chat about.

However, I tend to dislike it a little as most of the women in most chat rooms are just computer programmers designed to make you buy a porn subscription!!!

I’ve found a way out :)

This way is to only go for the little moderated chat rooms.

For example, last month, I was looking for home remedy for a flu, I went and found a little chartroom filled with great people, a woman there helped me with some information, she was very nice and very helpful and if I wasn’t already in a relationship, I’d have asked her for her email address.

Yahoo chats! Can be a little frustrating and adventurous, but there are some real gems that are still left uncovered.

All these can seem pretty overwhelming and time consuming, but remember, you are the one who have asked for ways to find a date online for free :) it’s a little tough, but it can give you some great FREE results.

My advice is to apply the match.com + Facebook advice first as it’s the one that got me the most positive results.