How to find a date worth keeping

These are the easiest and most proven methods to easily find a date worth keeping.

Let’s face it!!

Wherever and whenever you go out, you will be disappointed!

We are so disappointed that we have lost appetite for life.

This is the case with dating too.

Most men think that there isn’t a single date worth keeping in this world.

I’m going to prove them wrong and give you five amazing action oriented strategies to find a date worth keeping and worth investing time and energy with.

The first strategy I’ll present to you is related to you.  

You must become an attractive man, a very appealing and majestic being that no women on this earth would refuse to date.

I’m not suggesting here that you must lose weight and start looking like a model, what I’m suggesting is becoming confident with women.

Confidence is the very first thing that will draw women’s attention to you.

The best ways to project confidence are these:

Wear nice clothes that suites you and that you feel good into, if you need an idea on such clothes you can read my free report!

1.       Walk and talk slowly, most women will not be able to say what’s magnetic about a confident man, but the most observing ones have told me that it’s all in the walk and the talk. If you move fast and very quickly, you will be perceived as very weak and “scared”. However, if you move slowly and assertively, you will likely appear very confident.

2.       Be alone. Women love the lone wolf mentality, try to go out alone and find activities to do on your own, it’s a great way to build confidence and high self-esteem.

3.       Build a history of success. I won’t lie to you, meeting a date worth keeping will take a lot of time, this is the reason why you need to start now, and do not care about rejections, just go out and face your fears. I’d also suggest that you challenge yourself, for example, say thirty “hi!” to women on a given night; it will boost your confidence dramatically.

The second strategy is to start selecting well. 

I’m sure that you are going to find this post very lengthy, but it was intended as so for a reason:

To give you everything you will need to find a great date worth spending quality time with.

In this part, I’ll give you women to run away from and to never approach at any circumstances, and if you find yourself with one of them, remember this little sentence that will save your life: run away!

·         The first woman to never date is the “user” 

We call her the gold-digger too.

It’s simple, she will date you to suck your money or energy or both of them.

Here are some ways to know a gold digger:

She will always keep asking you to pay for her

She will tell you about “generous” boyfriends she had in the past

She will have big, very big, ambitions and requirements that she will repeat over and over “that her man needs to get her in order to win her”.

She will qualify you only when it came to money.

. . .

·         The second type of women to stay away from are the “bitchy” 

This is the kind of women that will go out a lot with her friends, she loves to hang out with guys, she likes other men complimenting her, she has a lot of guy friends and she flirts with anyone and everyone.

·         The third type is the cold hearted. 

She will never say something nice to you; she will never have a compliment or a sweet thing to say to you, all what will come out of her mouths is nagging and degrading ideas.

·         The fourth type is the cruel 

This is the woman that doesn’t love kids and animals.

She will appear very nice and open minded, but deep down, she has hate for everything and anything.

I test women a lot on this one and I’ll usually ask a woman about her favorite animal, if she tells me that she hates animals, not necessarily cats or dogs, I’d fire her from my life.

·         The fifth type of women to dismiss from your life is the low self-esteem ones. 

This are the broken women, those women that have so much pain and hurt inside them that they will seem so nice and so sweet to most guys.

The reality is that these women are going to give you hell once you date them, lots of jealousy, lots of nagging, lots of poisonous words, no ambition, lots of hate and no sense of responsibility for their lives, plus a dead sense of humor.

A word of advice: run away whenever you start talking to a girl and you notice that she keeps silent a lot, she may be one of these types.

The third strategy to find a date worth keeping is to look in the right places. 

I’ve once met a girl in a night club, I liked her a lot and thought that she maybe my sweetheart, but after only some few week, she was still partying four nights a week with her friends and flirting with other guys.

I don’t mean that you won’t find great women in night clubs, no, you are definitely going to find a lot of great ones there, but the reality is that you are going to experience a lot of frustration and disappointments before you do.

That’s why I’ll give you some proven places where you will find a date very easily and the chances of her being a good catch are great.

·         The first place is the church. 

One of my favorite places.

I had a friend who used to go to a different church every now and then, I was very confused about it and he finally told me that he did so to find dates.

His idea was pretty ingenious, he would notice a great looking girl, see if she has got a boyfriend or married and then he would find a reason to go talk to her.

His method worked almost every time and he soon found himself with a gorgeous southern girl whom he married some months later and has a ton of kids with now!

Churches are synonyms of stability and maturity in the eyes of women.

And let me tell you that a woman whom you’ve met at church will find it very difficult to find fault in you and will do her best to keep the romance between you alive.

·         The second place is a party. 

I’m not talking about parties where they will be lots of alcohol and sex!!

These are the worst places to find a date worth keeping!!

What I’m talking about here are social parties.

A birthday party for example.

A friend met his wife at a birthday party, he saw her talking with the party host, found her attractive, then went to the party host and asked her to introduced them, she did.

Do the same to get the same results.

·         The third place is the coffee shop/book shop/ cafeterias/ clothing shop. . .  

All these places are amazing and full of great women.

My favorite one is a book shop.

I’d go with an idea in my mind, find a nice looking girl, ask her for help and the next thing is we are talking about other books and her giving me her phone number.

The fourth strategy to finding a date is to not focus on dating. 

This is the biggest mistake I see guys doing, they will think that when they meet a great looking girl, they should ask her immediately for a date.

Well, it’s wrong.

The best thing to do is to get her phone number.

That’s the best thing you can do.

If you go first for the date, she will probably find an excuse to dump you, however, if you go for her phone number the right way , she will give it to you and from then on it will be very easy to invite her to a date.

The fifth strategy to find a date worth keeping is to be action oriented. 

I’m going to give you the secret of being great with women: it’s leading and doing the first move.

Don’t hesitate with a woman; she will never do the first move.

If you think that you should approach her and say hi to her, then do it, she will never do it.

If you think that you should kiss her, then look at her lips and kiss her. . .

Girls don’t like coward guys; they are only interested in courageous risk taking guys.

These are the best ways to find a date worth keeping!