Where and how to find women to date

Here are the best ways on were and how to find women to date.

A lot of these techniques and ideas are going to seem like simple, but their power is in their simplicity.

Remember this: most guys think that finding women to date is a difficult task, it’s a great advantage for you and by knowing these techniques, you will have putted all the chances on your side.

The first thing we need to discuss on this is: where.

That’s right, the places you need to be looking at to find women to date.

If you go to Google and type in “where to find women “ you are going to be flooded with so many results that you can’t know and even guess where to start.

Luckily for you, I’ve already gone through this and I know the best places from the useless ones.

The first place to find women to date is: shops.

I know, too simple, but it’s one of the best places out there.

But, bear in mind: not any shop will do!

I’m not talking about your local shop where you can buy milk!

No, what I’m talking about are specialized shops.

For example, I like meeting healthy women who take good care of themselves; this is the reason why I’ll go to whole food stores and health stores.

There I’ve met on different occasions dozens of women, in fact, if you go there a lot, you will start to know the women who frequent the shop a lot and you can even get an idea of when they are going to be there.

That’s what happened with me on so many occasions.

Know the type of your woman and figure the shop she may be going to, then just go meet her there.

The second place is book stores.

This is my favorite one because meeting women there is so much easier.

You just go to a woman and tell her this: “Can you recommend a book for me to read?

She will advise you on a title, then ask her what it’s about, she will talk and talk, then you just get her phone number and leave.

The third place is: the class.

Classes are amazing places too.

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is learning a new skill somewhere!

If you have the time and the money, subscribe to a class, and sit near a woman you like, then see if she is in a relationship and then when you are leaving, ask her to lend you some notes and get her phone number in order to give them back to her, you know what I mean.

The second thing we have to discuss here is the: How to find women to date.

I’ve told you about the best places, now I must tell you about the way to approach a woman and get her to like you immediately.

Approaching a woman shouldn’t be a difficult thing at all.

You just need one thing: a reason.

I see that a lot of men are going to approach a woman just for the sake of approaching her and getting her phone number, this way can seem like the correct one, but the truth is that it will lead you to this: rejection.

This is the reason why you have to find a reason to approach a woman.

For example, I’ve talked about the class situation previously.

Well, you just think of a reason to go talk to her, for example, go ask her about the schedules, the teachers, the opportunities, who’s nice, who’s to avoid talking to. . .

You need only a reason to approach a woman and she’d never find a way to reject you.

Let’s be honest, how can she reject you when you are only asking her about the schedules??

The next technique for finding a woman to date is getting her phone number.

When you start talking to her and you like the way the conversation is going, don’t start already thinking about getting kids with her and taking her to see your mother out of town!

No, your next step is to get her phone number and to move away.

That’s your goal.

Don’t try to be a hero to yourself by getting a date with her immediately, just ask her for her phone number, it’s the best way to find a woman to date.

When you will be feeling comfortable with her on the phone, you can ask her to a date.