How and where to find women who want to be friends

Here is how you are going to find women who want to be friends with you and why you must give this area of your life a huge importance.

If you are wondering about such a post in my website, let me tell you that one of my all-time best advices to being successful with women was to find women who want to be friends with you and get a lot of them around you.

These women will be very helpful in your journey to finding a great woman, they are going to give lots of high value advices, they will help you be comfortable around women, they are going to make you look amazingly good, and most importantly, they are going to bring their hot girlfriends to you.


Then let me show you how.

The first thing we need to clear is why are you interested in such friendship?

If you just feel a void and you have no people in your life, then I’d really advice you to go get some guy friends first and then when you feel comfortable, you can look for women friends.

However, if you want to find women friends because you want to be a great guy and want to find more about women and how to make them feel comfortable when you are around them, then keep on reading.

The second thing is: be ready to make sacrifices.

Dating women isn’t befriending them.

When you date a woman, you are going to get sex, warmth and lots of other benefits, however, when you are just befriending a woman, you are going to get nothing at first, you will instead get lots of evenings spent with the girls, lots of guy talks and lots of guy advices from you.

This can seem like a waste of time to most guys, but I like to think of it as “necessary investment”.

Now, the next thing is where to find women who want to be friend?

Here are the places I’ve had success in:

Other women you already know, I know, it’s not a place, but it’s good too, just call them, meet them and let them talk.

Previous girlfriends, again, not a place, but when you call one and simply invite her to meet you, just tell her that you needed a female opinion on something and start talking, don’t seduce her, don’t pay for her, just let her feel comfortable.

The next place is work: the one I’ve had the most success.

Just look for a beautiful coworker who isn’t interested in you, tell her that you want to shop for some clothes or something and that you needed a female opinion.

Take her with you and when you are done with her, simply tell her that you really like having FRIENDS like her who will help you when needed.

  • The fourth place to find women to be friends with is parties and other social events.

One of my favorite places too, don’t make the mistake of doing the approach like you want to date, just go to a woman you already know who is with another woman, talk to them and be friendly, then tell them that you need to make this a habit and later call the woman you know, and get her to bring the other woman with her for a cup of coffee and some cakes.

Tell her clearly that you are just bored with meeting your buddies and that you want to have a female opinion on a girl you want to meet.

Trust me, they’d love it and they’d advice you with all their hearts about it.

The final thing you need to understand is: keeping the friendship and taking advantage of it.

When you meet your girl-friends, be ready to be the man around them.

This means that when they are with you, don’t become a girl and agree on anything they say, start belittling other men, be a coq-block, instead give them real guy advices, protect them if they seem to get bordered by another man, show them tricks they can do to get a guy and why not even introduce them to a guy you know.

The idea here is to be a real buddyto these women and make them like and love your company.

When you have no girlfriend, just ask a woman friend you know if she can introduce you to one of her girlfriends.

Most women would do it at a heartbeat if they like you and trust you.

This is why I’ve always put a high priority on finding women who want to be friends; they are a real asset in my emotional life.

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