10 most amazing first date conversation starters

These ten first date conversation starters will give you huge opportunities to make your first date very successful and the woman highly excited about you and wanting a second date from you badly.

Getting a first date with a woman can be very difficult, that’s why you don’t need to waste such an opportunity.

I promise you that if you apply these ten first date conversation starters, women are going to enjoy you, like you and want a second date from you as soon as possible.

The first date conversation starter is: a warning!

Before I give you your conversation starters, I have to warn you about some phrases and questions to never ask a woman.

If you ask only one of these, she will never trust you and she will feel very depressed about you.

This means that you won’t get a second date with her.

These questions are:

Do you like men like me?

Am I your type?

Do you have a dog?

What car do you drive?

. . .


In fact, any questions that would make you bored.

These are the most typical and the most hated by women.

The second first date conversation starter is:

“Tell me more about yourself”

It’s my favorite one; I love it because it makes the woman do all the efforts while you are just enjoying your time and listening to her.

Saying this question to a woman will have two positive effects: the first one is that she will like your high self-confidence and your level of maturity, and the second positive thing is that the woman will talk about herself for a very long time and she will be doing all the efforts and hard work to please you.

And let me tell you that women love to speak and what they love the most is a man who would listen to them.

Be that man, don’t interrupt her and keep listening for a very long time.

The third starter is:

“You seem like a nice person, I want to know why”

This one is amazing, it will make the woman see that it’s you who is deciding where the conversation is heading and let me tell you that women love a man who can lead them, even while talking.

Ask her this question and you will notice one thing about her, she will laugh, she will smile and then she will start talking.

All you need then is just to listen to her and to encourage her to tell you more about herself.

The fourth starter is:

”Strange, I thought you were a . . . person”

Let’s say that when the waiter comes in, she chooses tea.

You can then simply tell her something like this:

”Strange, I thought you were a coffee person”

And then look at her and smile a little.

She would smile and explain why she chose this and not that . . .

If she doesn’t, simply ask her why she chose it, she may be shy to tell you the reason, just smile at her a little and tell her: “don’t be shy”.

One warning about this one, don’t use it when she orders alcohol or cigarettes, it will sound awful.

The fifth one is:

”Are a dog person or a cat person?”

I’ve advised you in the first one to not ask her about her dog or animal, but this conversation starter is totally different.

It’s asking her about her opinions on an animal.

Whatever she says to you, just smile and say the opposite.

For example: “I’m a cat person, I love cats. . . “

You: “cats are evil creatures, they are opportunistic and very aristocratic creatures, dog are the real deal, when you don’t have food a cat will never even look at you. . . “

The thing here is to make her laugh a little.

The sixth one is

”Have you ever had your palm read?”

Women love palm reading and other superstitious things, when you ask her this question, she will become very eager about you reading her palm and being romantic to her, don’t do it!

If she tells you: “no” which most women are going to say by the way, just look at her and say: “neither have I” and smile at her.

Trust me, it’s very funny and will make her laugh a little, then tell her “what were you expecting? Me reading your palm, I wouldn’t do it for free, you will need to pay me big bucks young lady!”

Just have a laugh about it and make her laugh too, women love such talk.

The seventh one is:

“What type of music do you like?”

This one is pretty old style, but it’s still very effective.

Just ask her and discuss some music with her, don’t focus too much on what you like, instead focus on what she likes.

The eight one is:

”Tell me more about you, I want to know more”

It’s like the second first date conversation starter, but it will draw her to open up to you more and to be more talkative to you.

The ninth first date conversation starter is:

”Keep on, good, very good, you are making huge progresses”

It’s very important that you qualify her and that you appear as a very difficult man to catch and to please.

Women love this type of guys and they want you to be a bit difficult to them.

Say this one to her after half an hour of talking to her, she will love it.

And the tenth first date conversation starter is:

“Ohhh, no, you shouldn’t have said that”

When she says something funny or a little bit “crazy”, put your hand on your forehead and say it.

You will make her laugh a lot.

The trick with these first date conversation starts is to make her relaxed, laughing a little and feeling good and secure about you.