Four flirt tips for men

I’m going to share with you four flirting tips for men, they are very easy to learn, you just need one thing: commit yourself to applying them.

These flirt tips for men I’ll give you will work great!

If you ask me about the most important way to make women like you and love you, I’d answer you with “flirt with them”.

It’s the most important thing because for one simple reason: it works.

Don’t try to be funny, don’t try to use pickup lines, don’t use techniques, just learn how to flirt; it’s what will make all the difference to you when you are with a woman.

Let’s start with the best flirt tips for men.

The first one is don’t smile a lot

I’m sure that you are going to say that this flirting tip is a bit horrible and that it won’t work, but from my experience with women, I know for sure that women hate smiley guys, they see it as a sign for weakness and no personal power.

Just think about it for a moment, who is going to make you laugh the most, a standup comedian who smiles a lot or one that just deliver while have an natural face?

The first one will only make himself laugh!

When flirting with a woman, always remember to close your mouth a little and not laugh and smile at what you say to her, it will look so boring and fake.

The second flirting tip for men is to be cocky

By cocky, I mean daring and taking risks with women.

I’ve written a great post about being cocky and funny with women.

You can have a look at it here: How to be cocky and funny with women

Cocky and funny is the essence of flirting.

If you are just funny but not cocky, women will perceive you as goofy, however, if you are cocky and not funny, you will be perceived as an asshole!

The combination of the two traits is what will make you have success with women.

In my article, you are going to find everything you need to learn how to become cocky and funny.

The next flirting tip for men is hit her

When you are flirting with a woman, being cocky and funny with her, and you feel that she is starting to like you, why not hit her gently on the shoulder or the hand.

I said gently!

Hitting women is one of the cockiest and funniest things you can do with them, they are going to love it and think that it’s a kind of tenderness.

I’m serious here, women love it a lot.

It will look strange, but it’s so powerful.

Women love you when you are a bit violent with them, in a gentle way of course.

I prefer to not hit women with my bare hands, I’ve got big hands and they may hurt them, instead I like to hit them with an object like a spoon or a napkin . . .

It’s just fun and crazy to do it with women.

The fourth one is stand closer to her

Let’s say that you are flirting with a woman, but you are standing about forty centimeters away from her.

Will it be considered as flirting with her?

By you, it may be, but to her, it’s just friendly talk or being the clown to her.

You can’t flirt with a woman unless you are standing very close to her, it’s a sign of bounding and affection, don’t hesitate to even tell her to come closer to you, she will understand it.

These are the best flirting tips for men you can read; try to read more tips in my free report here: click here!