Four mistakes men make when flirting with a woman

Flirting is the most essential tool in wining with women and being a great guy to them.

Just try to imagine a guy who doesn’t flirt with a woman, how could he ever succeed with her and how could she ever like his company?

It’s impossible!

Most guys are wrong when they think about flirting; they tend to think that it’s related to saying dirty things to women and making them “hot” for them by saying some jokes or other stuff.

Well, flirting is totally different than this; it means that the man is creating sexual tension with the woman.

That’s it!

No need to think about it from a different point of view, because this one is the most correct one.

Whenever a man is trying to flirt with a woman, he should build sexual tension with her, or else he’d lose her very quickly.

However, there are many issues related to flirting with women that you may not be aware of.

I’m not going to give you all of them, I’m just going to give you four main ones, and these are in my opinion the most destructive ones when it comes to succeeding with women.

The first mistake when a man is flirting with a woman is not doing it early

You may be a shy guy who thinks that the first impressions a woman will hold about you are the most important ones, that’s why you have decided to show her a more “mature” and “in control” part of you when you first meet her.

This is totally fine if you want her to be your best friend, but when you want the woman to become you lover, you need to start with flirting immediately.

You don’t need to spend an hour talking or listening to her, if you like her, the first moments you start talking to her, start immediately by flirting.

It’s the one thing that will tell her: “this guy likes you and wants you”

Then she is free, if she likes you too, she is going to smile a little and even starts testing you, and if she doesn’t like you, she will ignore you.

In both cases, starting with flirting can be a great way to know where you are heading with her.

The second mistake when flirting is trying too hard

I’m sure that by now you must be thinking that flirting is very important, most men think the same and the bad thing is that they are going to put a lot of pressure on it too.

They are going to focus only on flirting and making her laugh, that’s why you may see some guys saying joke after joke to women and laughing all the time.

No need to tell you that these guys will act like clowns and they will not have any positive effects on women, in fact, they are going to find it very difficult to seduce them using this method.

Don’t put huge focus on succeeding the first times, whenever you feel that she’s not responding very well, just ignore her and do something else.

The third mistake is saying sorry

This is one of the most hated moves by women.

She may be feeling great about a man and think to herself that she should test him to see if he’s really what he says he is, so, she will do it.

Then he will totally shock her by saying sorry whenever she appears to be offended, he just doesn’t get it that she is not angry at him, she was just testing him.

It’s important to never say sorry when you are flirting with a woman, ever.

Of course, when you’ve done something bad to her, say it, but never when you are flirting.

The fourth mistake is not getting physical soon

You can date a woman for years, and if you don’t get at least a kiss from her, then it’s not really dating, it’s just friendship.

Getting physical is important when flirting.

I have a friend who would flirt with a girl in a club for some five minutes, and then he’d try to kiss her.

Most times he doesn’t succeed, when I ask him about it, he would say that this would tell the girl the right message about him, that he’s not there to be her friend or make her his dance partner!

He’s with her because he wants her sexually.

If you fail to show to her that you like her and are interested in her physically, then you will have huge problems with her in the future, in fact, you are likely to not have a future with her at all.

These are the worst mistakes you can do when flirting, just avoid them and you will be fine.