How to get a date with a woman in five easy steps

Follow these five easy steps to get a date with a woman before next Sunday!

Getting a date with a woman can be a frightening and very intimidating experience, I agree with who will say that it may even seem impossible.

However, if you follow these five (very) easy steps, you will definitely get a date with a woman, in fact, if you want to, you can get as many dates with women as you want.

1.Let’s start with the first step, which is getting ready.

It will seem so boring and so useless to focus much time on this area of yourself, but the reality is that women will pay much more attention to how much you’ve paid attention to this part than the rest of the steps, and if they find that you are not that ready, they are going to flake on you for sure.

  • The first part in getting ready is getting the truth about women.

What I’m going to say here is very important, so pay close attention:

Women want you much more than you want them!

This is the first thing you need to understand when dealing with women.

I see a lot of guys thinking and behaving that a woman will do them a favor if she agrees to a date with them!

It’s not true; you are the one doing her a favor if you approach her and want her.

However, there is a catch to this situation:

Not all guys are winners!

In reality, most guys are totally frightening and repulsive to women.

  • So, the second part of getting ready is actually getting ready.

Here is your mission:

Look good, smell good, and behave great.

Look good is all about the looks and your appearances.

It’s a highly important area that you absolutely need to get right.

To look good in the eyes of women, follow these simple methods:

Dress casual and dress great.

I’ll refer you to this website: http://bananarepublic.gap.com/ , they have great choices of clothes and great selections, you don’t need to buy from them, just copy the way they select their clothes and the shoes that go with them.

The smell part: you must smell wonderful!

Women will like you more if you smell great.

The best cologne you can buy is Marc Jacobs for men.

Go get it from eBay, it’s cheap and very classy and nice.

The behavior part is all about walking and holding yourself the right way.

You may think that all this is complicated and IT’S NOT YOU!

You are totally right, it’s very complicated to change yourself all of a sudden, but bear in mind that I’m giving you here what works with women, and remember, the old “real” you didn’t attract much women!!

So, let’s continue, body language is an essential part of attracting women.

You may have read in some articles that you should do some impossible postures to get women interested!

I don’t agree!

With body language, I have three rules:

Move slowly

Hold yourself up

Don’t smile a lot

Apply these and you will look way sexier and attractive than most men on your block.

Ok, that should do it for the first step.

Let’s see the second step to getting a date with a woman.

2.Approaching a woman

The most difficult one, I won’t lie to you and tell you that it’s easy or that it’s a mind game!!

Approaching women sucks!

We all hate to be rejected and especially in front of people.

This is the reason why I’ll give you the proper and the less risky way to approach a woman.

First, here are some places you need to go to where you can find women to approach.

  • The super market
  • Coffee shops
  • Book stores
  • Cafeterias
  • Clothing stores

These are the most abundant places with women looking for men.

I could have added clubs and bars, but the reality is that those places are terrible because they are filled with sexually frustrated guys and the women get approached on average more than ten times a night!!!

In reality, you will have no chance of getting a date from those places!

Be great looking and go to one of first places I mentioned.

Let’s suppose you are at the supermarket, you noticed a nice looking brunet doing her shopping.

Your first task is seeing whether she is with someone, a man, if she is not, look if she has a ring on her finger, if not, you can approach her then.

Here is the most important rule for approaching a woman:

Have a reason apart from dating her.

I see this a lot: many guys will go to a woman and approach her because they want her!

There is no harm in wanting a woman, but the bad thing about it is that a man would have revealed all his cards to a woman and put himself at her mercy, which is terrible!

You need to have a reason for approaching her apart from dating her.

Let’s say that you are in a super market.

3.Step three: starting a conversation

You can notice what she is buying and ask her about a product:

“Excuse me, do you know a good brand of tomato sauce, I usual use xxx but they taste really acid!”

Most women in the world will see this not as an approach, but as a man asking for advice, and trust me when I’ll tell you that women love to give advices; in fact they can’t stop themselves from not giving them, especially if you are a great looking guy!

She would tell you her opinion; you just keep on asking her about the price or something else.

Then you walk away!

Confusion is the name of the game.

You must confuse her a little, she must be wondering about you for a little.

It will sound so strange to walk away from a woman, but it’s the best thing to do.

Walk some few steps away and then, turn around and apply:

4.Step four: getting her phone number

My friend, you won’t be asking her for a date on your first encounter, you need to understand this now.

A woman will have very little trust towards you in the first few moments she met you.

Your goal is to get her phone number.

You walk away a little and then you turn back to her.

You look at her and tell her that you find her very beautiful and that you want to meet her sometimes, then you take a piece of paper and a pen and you hand them to her.

Ask her to write her phone number.

Usually, she will do it with a nice smile, however, there are some women who will want to play hard to get.

If she tells you that she can’t, tease her a little and ask her if she has got electricity at home, you need to be funny with your teasing, then hand her again the pen and paper and ask her to write her phone number.

If she doesn’t want to, then you’d have only one choice: walk away.

If she wrote her phone number, tell her to write down her name too.

After this, you walk away.

5.Step five: calling her and asking her for a date

This is the most important step in my opinion.

Try to apply these very simple rules:

  • Don’t call her immediately
  • Don’t wait more than four days
  • Don’t romance her on the phone.

These are some simple rules you have to make sure you apply.

The best time to call her is after the two days period.

If you call her too soon, you will appear as boring and needy, if you call her too late, she would have forgotten you.

Call her the first time and act very cool and spontaneous, simply ask her about her work, tease her from time to time and let her speak her heart to you.

Don’t make your phone calls an eternity, at maximum, four minutes.

That’s it, in your first phone call, you only need to talk to her a little, don’t invite her to a date nor anything romantic.

Then, wait some two more days and call her at night.

Make sure you have a time in mind and a place you want to take her to.

This is very important; don’t ask a woman to choose for you, she won’t like you.

Call her, talk to her a little and then ask her if she is free on Saturday or any other day you have planned.

Women love men who are decisive, be it with her and make sure you tell her where exactly you will meet her and at what time.

These are the easiest way to getting a date with a woman.