Nine actions to getting over a break up fast for men

Do these to get over a break up fast - only for men!

There are many things I hate about break ups, but the worst of all is the after taste it leaves in my stomach and my whole self.

I just feel weak and desperate, I feel like dying.

Thankfully, this was in my past, nowadays, I’ll deal with a break up as the easiest thing that could happen to me, I’d feel fine and relax about it.

This didn’t just come out of nowhere; it demanded me a lot of work and struggles to get to this state.

Don’t you worry, Noah has got this covered for you, I’m going to give you nice actions to not only get over a break up fast but to go back to your normal life in no time at all and even become extremely successful with girls.

The first action to getting over a break up fast for men is accepting it.

C’mon man! It happened!

Accept what happened to you.

I’m sure, by now you may be thinking that I’m an as**ole for saying such a thing, but the truth is that acceptance is the first way out of a problem.

Just give it and me a try and you will see positive results very quickly.

Do this exercise:

Take a sheet of paper, and start writing what do you feel, how do you feel about this break up and what’s going on with your life now, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes or ten max.

When you are done, throw away the sheet of paper behind your back and say this: “it belongs to my past now”.

I’m starting to sound like a witchdoctor or a voodoo dude, but it work, just try it.

The second action is to burn your memories.

I saw a great movie once; it’s called Paycheck, the movie’s storyline centers around a technology that would permit men to erase his memories once and for all.

I don’t believe in this for now, what I believe in however is this one very useful technique I’ve learned from a great book, this technique demands that you do as described before, take a sheet of paper and write down what angers you, then you take a match and burn the paper behind your eyes.

Look at it burn, you will have a feeling that the pain will start to vanish :) amazing stuff, trust me.

Hey!!! I’m serious, don’t you dare not apply these two first actions, they are guaranteed to work.

The third one to getting over a break up fast is exhale your pressure.

Ok! Now I totally sound like a fruit!

Hehehe, this one will freak you out, but it does work pretty amazingly too.

You need to close your eyes, and start inhaling and exhaling, when exhaling, visualize that you are throwing out all your problems from your chest and why not see them gather on top of each other’s outside.

It’s a strong technique.

The fourth one is going out with your buddies.

Don’t underestimate this one, it’s very powerful.

I’m not advising you to go out with a negative person to get over a break up, he will make it more hurting.

What I’m saying is that you need to go out with great guys who will make you laugh and get you to enjoy yourself a little.

This will lead me to the fifth action: don’t talk about it.

I really love this quote: “Let sleeping dogs lie

It’s my mantra in life when dealing with problems.

Why would you talk about your break up situation to other guys?

Whenever you feel like doing so, tell yourself: not now!

And do something else to not think about it.

Within just a few tries, you will notice that your mind will not bring it too often, since whenever it does it, you shut it down.

The sixth action is waiting

By waiting, I don’t mean soaking in your problems!!

You are going to wait before getting angry or upset about your break up.

Whenever I’d have a depressing thought or a thought that would make me very angry, I’d say this to my mind: “not now, I’ll get upset in ten minutes

Your mind will relax and forget about the problem soon.

If it brings it again, do it another time.

The seventh action to get over a break up fast for men is doing something with your life.

The best revenge is looking good

I’ll never forget this saying, it has helped me a lot with my break ups and it will help you too.

By now, she is probably thinking that you are suffering, have got no life because of her and feels totally helpless!

Prove her wrong!

Go out tonight, apply the actions I’ve written before, shine the most optimistic and happy/sexy smile you can on your face and have a drink out, you will feel great about yourself and the world.

The eight one is relaxing

It is scientifically proven that you can’t get angry when your body muscles are totally relaxed.

Lay on your mattress, on your stomach and face, then imagine yourself very relaxed, feel as if you are sinking in the mattress, feel that your hands are made out of concrete, feel that your legs are made out of concrete and feel your whole body sinking.

Then shut down any tension in your body, one muscle at a time, from your head to your toes.

This one will have the most lasting effect on you.

The ninth one is: get a new girlfriend!

C’mon man!! It’s not the end of the world!

When she is feeling great about you, take things to the next level with her and don’t apply the mistakes you did with the first bitc*!

Caution: never tell a new girlfriend about your ex or that you have just broken up with a girl!!! It will ruin your chances, one hundred percent!

Remember: the best revenge is looking good.

Hope these actions will get you over your break up fast and please, feel free to send me any question you’ve got about the subject, my email is in my contact page.

Good luck!