Ten good lines to say to a girl

These ten good lines to say to a girl will make her like you instantly and feel very attracted to you, all you have to do is say them as soon as possible when you are with her.

there are many ways to make girls like you and be attracted to you, but one of the most effective ones in to say these ten good lines to a girl, they are amazingly attractive and most girls are going to feel great about themselves and you when you say one to them.

There is only one rule you need to respect when using these ten good lines to say to a girl, it’s to not use more than three at a time.

I’ve given these lines to many guys and the problem I’ve seen often is that some of the guys are going to say all these lines in one evening to a girl, it’s terrible and it will have the reverse effect on her.

The first good line to say to a girl is:

Are you stalking me?

This is one of the best lines I’ve ever used with girls; it works great every single time.

I’m not going to lie to you and give you some cheesy pickup lines that won’t work with girls, I’m only giving you what works!

This is one of the best lines to say to a girl.

You only need to have one thing in mind when saying t to a girl: don’t look afraid or not confident.

Girls can notice if you are afraid very easily.

Here is what you need to be doing when saying this line: look calm, look her right in the eyes, smile a little bit, and say it with authority.

The second good line to say to a girl is:

Did you just grab my ass?

The same rule is going to apply to this one too, on one condition; you have to appear as if you are hurt emotionally by what she just did.

You pass right next to her, and then you turn around and say it to her with hurt in your eyes and confidence too.

Then, smile at her a little bit and start telling her that you are such a great looking guy that girls do it all the time.

The third line is:

Do these jeans make my ass big?

My good lines to say to a girl aren’t about being nice and saying sweet things to them, they are about saying things that will draw their attention and make you look a thousand times more attractive than the average guy.

 The fourth one is:

Do you know where mark is?

This one will trip them out!!

You go to a girl, and you ask her about Mark, make sure you sound true and very credible, then tell her that he’d always disappear on you, after a short while tell her that Mark is not real and that you find her very attractive and only wanted to talk to her.

This one has never failed me, ever.

Even if the girl has a boyfriend, she will have a giggle at it and be very sweet to you.

The fifth one is:

Help me! I’m lost!

Can you imitate a small kid?

It’s so easy, just talk like a child and do it in a sad depressed way.

When you say this line to a girl, she will start to laugh because she will know what you are trying to do.

The best thing to do is to say it and after just some few seconds, start talking like an adult!

It will freak her out!

The sixth good line to say to a girl is:

Is it true that girls fart more than guys?

This one is a little dirty; use it when you feel confident.

Girls love stupid questions like this, it will tell them that you are confident and a cool guy.

Let’s be honest, can a boring, unattractive guy say this line to a girl?

No way, he’ll feel too ashamed and fearful.

When you say it, don’t look to the ground or with a smiley face at her, look at her as if expecting an answer from her.

Most girls are going to laugh and argue with you about it, just keep talking to them and make them laugh a little.

The seventh one is:

Is it true that girls are attracted to strong dominant guys?

If you can’t say the “fart” line, say this one instead.

This one will work with shy girls too.

The eight one is:

Where did you get these jeans, they are fabulous, let me guess, the Salvation Army?

I’ve said before that girls are highly attracted to funny things and fun talking.

This one is a bit rude, but in a fun way.

Use it whenever you see a very fashionable girl or a girl who is highly attractive.

It will work every single time.

Avoid saying it to average girls, only the most beautiful ones!

The ninth one is:

Can you do me a favor? Reject me the most badass way possible!

This one is going to work with amazingly attractive girls, just go to them and ask them for a favor, most girls would be willing to help you, then tell them that you are a very shy guy and you want to become more self-confident, this is why you need them to reject you.

I’d do one of these when a girl agrees: either I’d look unharmed by what she said and I’d tease her about it or I’d look at her and pretend that I’m crying and sobbing.

I’ve found that the second one will get them giggling and laughing like crazy.

And tenth good line to say to a girl is:


Yes, the oldest line ever you can use on girls.

Don’t say it with a shy voice, instead, be strong and say it with confidence and looking like you are the king of the world.

Don’t say it to a girl and follow her, instead say it and stay in your place, they will like it a lot.