Great second date ideas for guys

Let's say that you have succeeded in your first date and you have proved to be a great guy for her, now, you need to think of some great second date ideas to make her know that you really like her and that you want to make her feel great about you.

I'm going to give you two great second date ideas to do whenever you are going with her a second time, but before I do so, I must warn you about a very important subject.

It's the subject of following!

Are you a follower?

Because if you are so, these great second dates ideas will never work for you.

What do I mean by follower?

A follower is a guy who follows women, simply, he is a guy who doesn't have or dare to voice his opinions to women because he thinks that they are going to reject him if he does so.

To be a great date is first of all to be a leader with women, you need to take them whenever you want and wherever you want.

You must show women that you aren't afraid of responsibilities and that you are a good protector.

So, here are two great second dates ideas:

1. The first one is to take her to a restaurant.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't mean those restaurants that are so expensive that you need to take a loan to pay for them or even that you can't get in in the first place unless you have a reservation.

You must stay away from impressing a woman.

The best way to impress her is to show her that you trust her and like her to the point of sharing your life little details with her.

You do this by taking her to your favorite restaurants.

In other words, don't take her to places you aren't familiar with.

You need to take her somewhere you know people and more importantly, you know the menu and what's best and what's not.

A very close friend of mine took a woman to a very casual and "inexpensive" restaurant the second time he met his woman, he told me that at first, she was a bit shocked and skeptical, but when she tasted the specialty and saw him interacting with other customers he knew and calling waitresses by their first name, she was in the mood for long hours of chatting and she later told him that it was the best time she had in years.

2. The next great second date ideas is to take her to a gallery opening.

Try to arrange your second date with her so that you can take her to a modern art gallery opening or presentation.

It's not simple to understand and to explain, but women are classier than men and appreciate art more.

This is your opportunity to make fun of certain paintings and to get her to talk to you about her "emotions", "feelings"….

These are all subjects women love to talk about .