A single thing to make a woman proud to be with you

I’ve read something very nice and funny lately, it’s a quote: behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

I think it’s a little cruel.

The little thing I want to talk about is making yourself great, achieving great things in your life.

I’ve just passed a great job interview and I got the job from dozens of candidates, I’m not cocky, I’ve worked hard to arrive at this.

The thing is that when I was just starting with women, I thought that I’d end up my life, if I’m lucky, just like my father, working in a sh**ty factory for twelve hours a day and drinking my way through Sunday.

It was haunting me all my life.

This is what I want to tell you: challenge your fears and you will appear a thousand times sexier to a woman.

Women are naturally programmed to respond to men who are challenging and achieve well in their lives.

If you want to seduce women on the surface, learn tricks, however, if you are interested in long term happiness with a woman, challenge yourself and your fears every day of your life and you will make her a proud woman to be with you.

That’s all folks, my shortest post ever, I think!!