How to make women approach you

Follow this step by step guide to know exactly how to make most women approach you and even start a conversation with you.

I’m not going to talk about theory and inner game here! What I’ll discuss are steps and tricks I’ve used to make a lot of women approach me and start a conversation with me.

Follow my steps to get the same results as well and avoid getting rejected by women, because you will be the one rejecting them, if you want to.

First, let’s make things clear from the beginning:

Women will never approach you and ask you out!

I too had this idea when I was stating, but the opposite was demonstrated to me time after time.

Women will simply have too much pride to go to a guy and ask him out!

Off course, there are some women who will do it, but I tend to not like these kinds of women who have got a lot of confidence and they are going to behave like a guy with you later on.

But, we are not talking here about these kinds of women, what I’ll talk to you about are the steps to making hot attractive and feminine women approach you and even talk to you.

The next thing you will need to know is that this method I’m going to tell you about isn’t free!

You will need to pay about 200$ to get these results, you won’t buy anything from me, these 200$ are going to be spent on clothes and other items I’ll show you later on.

These are the only things I’ll need you to know.

Let’s get started:

The first step to making women approach you is to go to them.

What I mean by this is that you will need to go out a lot!

I’ll tell you here an essential truth: my method isn’t going to work 100% all the time!

What will happen is this: you are going to go sometimes and you will not have any woman approach you, but other times, you will be flooded and would even start rejecting women!!

This is how things are!

Go where women are going to be available.

Here are the places I like to go to in order to make this work for me:

Bus stops, train stations, libraries, book stores, tea houses, wholefood, malls . . .

My favorite place is bus and metro stations, especially at rush hours.

Women tend to be there waiting for their line and they’d also have the time and the possibility to have a reason and go talk to you.

You may not like these places, but I’m giving you the straight truth here and what have worked for me a lot of times.

Of course, there are clubs and other places, they are good too but not if you are just starting.

The second step to make women approach you is to be tempting.

What will make you approach a woman?

Her body, her clothes, her smell, her CLEAVAGE!!

It’s that simple, women are tempting men to approach them and men can do the same.

Of course, you have no cleavage to show to a woman, so how can you tempt her?

You do it by wearing nice sexy things.

It’s called peacocking.

Peacocking is making yourself appear tempting to women and make all of them notice you when you first appear!

The strange thing about peacocking is that it works amazingly well, just try it.

How can you dress then to impress women and to tempt them?

You do what I did: you buy a lot of women’s magazines and you have a look at the things men are wearing in these magazines.

Take a close look at the details and what shirts, jackets, hair style . . . do these men wear and do as they did.

You may think that it will cost you a fortune to get all these clothes, but I’m going to give you a nice trick I prefer to do:

I’d go to eBay and buy all the clothes I want from there.

It’s amazingly cheaper than shopping at brand stores.

For example, I bought a Diesel pair of jeans the other month for less than 50$!! Guess how much they’d have cost me if I bought them at a Diesel Shop?


It’s a huge difference in price.

They aren’t stolen, nor second hand, they simply have small defects, but to every other woman out there, they will look like the real deal, in fact, they are the real deal.

Remember, look at women’s magazines for styles and things to wear, and then go shop at eBay.

You need to be neat and wear only GREAT things on you, don’t think that you will do this just on Sundays or Saturdays and for the rest of the week you are going to look like a “normal” guy!! No no no, always wear great things on you, because the more you do it, the more you are going to feel at ease and comfortable doing so.

The next step is tweaking your appearance a little.

This is a huge step too.

By tweaking I mean this: get nice cologne, have a strong and dominant body language, wear something special about you. . .

The cologne and the body language parts is discussed more in depth on my free report, I’ll show you there three brands that works great.

I’ll only discuss with you the most important one: a special thing to wear.

You may have noticed that I didn’t talk about the shoes yet!

It’s because they are the special thing that will make nearly every woman come to you and approach you.

Trust me; they will have this effect on them.

Never, ever, buy casual shoes!

Never, ever buy ugly shoes!

Never, ever buy shoes on your own!!

Always have a girl shop with you for shoes!

They are the most essential weapon in your arsenal, so take good care of them.

I like to do a great thing nowadays: I like to buy old cowboy boots!

You may think that this is stupid or childish, but I’ll tell you how it’s going to benefit you:

Imagine you walking on the street and a woman will look at you and call you “cowboy!

This is what will happen!

I’d highly recommend you go again to eBay and look for some highly decorated and old style cowboy boots.

I just did it and found an amazing piece of art for only 49$!!!

And what I’ve really liked about these boots is that they seem to be unique.

Cowboy boots with great looking jeans will make you noticeable to all women wherever you go.

You can also add a silver necklace, a great looking belt. . .

The next step and the final one is what to do when a woman approaches you.

As mentioned before, no women would approach you and ask you out! What they are going to do instead is this: they will come to you and comment on an item you are wearing.

That’s the most they can do and trust me, for a woman, it will be like jumping from a very high building!

Women don’t like to sell themselves short, that’s the reason they don’t like to approach men, they want the man to take all the risk and prove himself to them.

However, she will create occasions for you to prove yourself and to approach her.

And it will be much easier for you to score when she does the approaching.

Here is how you need to proceed:

When she approaches you and she complements you on something or even asks you about it, simply look her right in the eyes, shine a confident smile at her and tell her: “what’s your name?

If she doesn’t want to tell you (women will want to have pride in front of you and make as if you were the one that have approached them, they hate to view themselves and to be viewed as easy), tell her: “ my mom have always warned me to talking to strangers! What your name?

By then, she would be giggling and telling you her name.

Just chat with her a little about the reason why she’s asking you, then take a nice paper out of your pocket, a golden pen and tell her to write down her name and her phone number.

It’s the best thing you can do and the only thing that will make you in control of the situation later on with her.

These are the essential step to making women approach you!