Five ultimate online dating profile examples for men

I’m going to give you five of the best online dating profiles to use with women; they are very attractive and will make lots of women like you by just reading them.

A lot of men fail at online dating not because they are not handsome or because they don’t know how to speak their minds, they fail because no woman is going to be interested in them in the first place.

I’m a man and when I visit an online dating website, the first thing I’ll do is check out the profiles of other men.

It’s then that I feel great because most of them are terrible and they suck real bad.

I’m going to give you here five online dating profile examples for men I use every time when creating a new account on an online dating website.

I’m going to ask you for one thing: don’t copy these online dating profile examples blindly, they will be spread all over the place and they are going to lose their value and attractiveness.

The first online dating profile example for men is:

“If you are blond, don’t read this profile! I’m only interest in brunets. I’m looking for a brunet who must be tall, between twenty seven and thirty five, educated, a college degree is more than preferable, and knows how to cook yellow cake.”

Now, you don’t need to write these same words as mine, of course, you will need to change a little and be very truthful about what you write and what you desire from a woman.

The second online dating profile example for men is:

“I’m less than a romantic man, in fact I’m no romantic at all, I don’t want to shower women with praise and compliments every now and then, I’m the type of guy who will take a woman by the hand without asking her. I’m looking for a honest woman who must be at least 1.60m, between twenty seven and thirty-five and who has never been married, no children and no moaning on a previous boyfriend, I want a woman who can be true to herself and to me, who knows how to have a great laugh and who can enjoy cheese burgers with me. . . ”

In this example, I’ve made it clear to women that I’m not into playing games and saying sweet words from the start and that I’m very serious and would like to take women out, not spend hours on the internet chatting and wasting my time.

It’s very important to write a lot of conditions about the women you are interested in, it’s what will attract women and keep them reading.

Of course, you must be true to yourself and think deeply about the kind of women you want in your life and what traits they must have.

The third example is:

“A very handsome man with a nice little round belly, looking for a great looking woman who doesn’t resemble him at all, I’m seriously looking for a bit of a crazy woman, the one who can make me laugh very hard till I feel strange, a woman who is confident and very truthful. If you think that you don’t have such traits, then no need to contact me and waste my time, however if you see that you are the one I’m looking for, then please do yourself a favor and prepare to meet a real man who likes steak and a nice dirty joke between friends”

Again, truth telling and saying your condition very clearly is the best way to make her attracted to you and the best way for her to know that you are very confident and know what you want and what you are doing.

The fourth online dating profile example for men is:

“I’m not into games, I’m not into chatting online for hours, I’m not into complimenting women for nothing. I’m a very funny (yes, I know some few jokes), a bit of a serious and jealous guy when it comes to the woman with me and ambitious in his future, who wants a woman (you write the height and physical traits) who is not skinny at all and who can make a man feel happy. I’m not looking for a lazy woman who can’t cook a meal and only cares about her nails; I want a real woman to be with me. If you think you don’t qualify or you are a bit of a drama queen, don’t contact me. However, if you think you are the one I’m looking for, drop me a line or two and tell me a little about you”.

The fifth online dating profile example for men is:

“I don’t like women who don’t listen, I don’t like women who cheat, I don’t like women who are boring and I don’t like women who play games! Hi! I’m . . . . . . . .and I’m (your age), I’m good looking and very self-confident, I’m not interested in losers, I’m only interested in women who are serious and good looking. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I love dinners with candles and wine, what I love is riding my motorcycle and traveling, I love good food and a good steak, I like rock and roll and I love to watch football on TV . . . “

All these online dating profile examples for men are suitable for every type of man on one condition, you need to tweak them a little and add to them from your own life and experiences.

These example won’t flood your inbox with messages from women, what they are going to do is tell the woman that you are very serious and self-confident, this will in turn attract to you only the serious ones and the most confident ones.

Don’t put such a profile with no good pictures of yours, it won’t work.

The first thing a woman will look at when she sees your profile are your pictures, choose a good set, more than five and less than ten, and make sure a woman apart from your mother and grandmother sees them before you upload them.

Don’t forget to contact lots of women too and only the ones that match your descriptions.