Six best places to find a date

These are the six best places to find a date; these places tend to be crowded with hot babes and most are free of competition from other men.

I assure you, dating doesn’t have to be difficult!

I see a lot of guys losing hope too soon and thinking that it’s too much work and that they are better off returning to their last abusing and manipulative girlfriends!!

No! Forget about this and let me give you instead of this negative thought, some of the best places where you can find lots of dates.

Most of these places will sound familiar to you and you will think that this post sucks!!

In reality, I’ve written only those places that will really give you amazing results and where you can find a date very easily.

The first place to find a date easily is the club.

I’ve long said that clubs are some of the nastiest places to meeting women in, and I still think this is the case.

But I’ve only said this because nearly all the guys will either approach hookers or drunken girls!

I think that you need to know now how to find amazing girls in clubs.

It’s absolutely very easy, here is how:

The first thing is to go to only the finest clubs, don’t bother going to strip clubs, they are not worth it and the drinks tend to be very expensive.

Chose only the best clubs, those that people will get in a mile long line to get inside.

But!!! You may be asking yourself how to get in such a high classy place???

Easy, go there at 8!

Or 7:30!

Most people would go to a club at 11 or 10:30.

These are called the peak hours by bouncers and you will likely be waiting out for a very long time.

The best thing is to go there early, chat a little with the bouncers outside and why not tip them for their “great work”, don’t give them money, just ask them about their drinks, and go get them one, next time, you can come whenever you want and you will be received as a VIP :)

Inside the club, when you go very early, choose a seating place near the bar, where women would have to pass near you to get their drinks.

It’s that simple, when she passes near you, just call her and ask her about her drink, trust me, from your seating position and your confidence , she will be talking to you immediately.

The second place to find a date is the park.

I like to do this: go jogging in the park on Sunday morning.

I wear an old sweater, some old sport shoes and I go for a run.

When I see a young woman jogging too, I’d jog next to her, wave hi at her and pass her, then I’d do some stretching in the open air, when I spot her again, I’ll go talk to her and ask her about some things about jogging.

Most women would know your intentions, but the best thing is that they can’t reject you as you are only asking them about “jogging”.

The third place is a wedding

This was my favorite place when I was single.

I used to go there wearing great looking clothes and some of my best shoes.

I’d spot a nice looking woman, notice if she was with someone and go talk to her.

That’s how I met my current girlfriend.

If you are a shy guy, just ask the wedding host to introduce you to her, it’s a trick that will work every time.

Wedding are very special to women, they’ll go there feeling a little depressed if they are still single and they will wear attractive clothes because they know that there will be a lot of single guys there too.

It’s a great opportunity and I’ve never been rejected by a woman in a wedding.

The fourth place is a shop

Shops are great too, they can be full of opportunities, however, a shop isn’t like a wedding, you are on you own!

This means that you need to do the approaching and take all the risks.

I’ve written a great guide about approaching women, I was going to make guys pay for it, but then I thought that it would be fantastic if all the guys could get the necessary knowledge about approaching women for free, click here to download it immediately!

The fifth place to find a date is a hotel lobby

Whenever I’m in a hotel, the second thing I’d do after checking my room is going to the lobby and checking people there.

The great thing about hotel lobbies is that nearly all the women sitting there alone are probably alone too in their lives.

I don’t like this place a lot because most of the times, it will lead only to short time dates and wasted times, but if you are into this, please use it.

The sixth place is the library

Do you have a library card?

If not, go get one, it’s nearly free.

The thing I like about libraries is that very few guys will think of going there to meet women and find dates.

However, women are always in the mood for a great looking guy approaching them and seducing them.

Just apply the simple approach techniques in my free book and you will have no problem.

The seventh place to find a date is the class

This one is a bonus and a pretty good one indeed.

Classes were my best kept secret for a very long time, a lot of my previous girlfriends came from this place.

You don’t need to pay a lot to get into a class, just choose a subject you like and find suitable courses for it.

I tend to prefer night schools, they tend to be filled with girls and the best thing about this place is that you have a common reason to go talk to a girl and get her phone number.

These places are the best ones to find a date easily and effortlessly, you will need only one thing: action!

So take action and start from tonight, you won’t regret it.