Three crazy places to take a woman for a date

These crazy places don’t apply to first or second dates with women, they won’t work at all!

The truth is that they are going to have the reverse effect, so, you are warned; don’t take her there unless you’ve already dated her for some time. They only apply with women you’ve known for quite some times and you feel great about them.

Trust me, these places are going to require a lot of confidence from you, but you are going to be fully rewarded later on.

She will be very excited about you and thrilled to go out with you again.

I’m not going to tell you to take her to a strip club or a nudist beach; the places I’m going to tell you about aren’t that crazy.

What I’m going to advice you is that these places aren’t the only ones out there, this list isn’t restricted!

You can add more.

These three are merely a way to give you an idea of some places to take a woman to when you’ve known her long enough.

The first crazy place to take a woman to on a date is an empty restaurant.

I didn’t know about this one, but it appears that certain restaurants are ready to do you this favor if you are a usual customer.

Here is how I got this idea: I used to eat my launch at a friendly Indian restaurant, the food is fantastic and the waiters are all my friends.

I was once talking to one of them and I asked him if I can bring my girlfriend at 10:00 AM, he told me that they will be closed at that time.

Then he said that I could bring her and he can fix us something nice to eat, an Indian style breakfast.

I agreed, and I took her.

She was amazed and thought that I have booked the entire restaurant for us alone, I didn’t tell her the truth ;-) I just had fun and enjoyed the moments with her.

The second crazy place to take a woman to on a date is a traditional perfume shop.

I don’t know if you’ve got this one in your city, but here in Fez, Morocco, we’ve got a lot of.

There are many places where you can combine scents to create a perfume in Morocco and I like the traditional ones where they have ingredients like Roses’ extract and pure Cinnamon extract.

Here is the nice thing you can do: find one, go there, take her with you, compose a nice perfume and call it by her name, then take it, don’t give it to her.

Trust me, she would love it.

Don’t put it every time you meet her, just once in a while.

The third amazing place to take a woman to is: children parks

You know, where little kids play.

I usually take my girlfriend there on a Sunday morning, where there will be a lot of kids with their parents and I’d have a huge fun with her, I’d play with the kids’ games in the park and we would sit next to a family and have a good time with kids playing football.

Women love children, they have this biological need in them to mother kids and to be nurturing, so when you bring her to such an environment, she will become very sweet and sensitive and even in the love making mood later on.

This place is probably my favorite when it comes to taking my girlfriend out.

Just remember to not do this every time you go out with her, once in while is great, but too often is boring.