Ten romantic words to say to a girl

Use these ten romantic words to say to a girl to get her to like and find you very attractive every time you use them.

What’s the thing all girls love?

It’s not money; it’s not a big car . . . !!

It’s passion!

Girls, all girls dream when they were very little of one day finding prince charming, a guy who can protect them and make them feel unique and special.

You can be that guy!

It’s not difficult; you will only need one thing: these ten romantic words to say to a girl.

These expressions, words and sentences I’m going to provide to you will make girls feel that you are that special guy they have been looking for all their lives!

You can make them feel that way, I guarantee it!

The first romantic word to say to a girl to make her like you and love you isn’t “I love you”, it’s “you love me”!

I’m not going to lie to you and give you phrases and expressions that will sound true to you, but when you are going to try them, they will back fire on you!

No, I’ll give you one hundred percent, the best of the best that will give you a huge and amazing result with girls, trust me on this one.

Before I learned about being the best to girls, I thought that the word “I love you” was something special that most girls are going to throw themselves at me when they hear me say it!

Well it used to be special, but thanks to Coca Cola, Pepsi and all the other TV ads, it has become a synonym of being fake and not true to her.

At some moments, I’d say it to a girl while truly meaning it to only find her looking at me strangely and never talking to me again.

It’s very important that you know what you are doing and only apply the material that have been tested, in this case, these ten romantic words to say to a girl.

You love me

You say it to a girl when you see that she likes spending time with you and that she laughs at your jokes and enjoys being with you.

To her, you are going to sound so confident and so self-assured and let me remind you that girls love these two qualities in guys very much.

The second romantic word to say to a girl: “I like spending time with you”

As I’ve said before, saying the old romantic stuff isn’t going to take you anywhere, in fact, it will make you sound so lame and ridiculous.

This romantic expression was given to me by a girl some years ago and whenever I’d use it, girls would like me very much and would find me a lot more attractive.

Say it to her and then provide the reasons why you like spending time with her.

The third romantic word to say to a girl is: “you are . . . “

You compliment her on something she said or a trait she possess.

Compliments are hated!

Yes, if you ask a “dating expert” on compliments, he will curse them and say that they are the devil, but in reality, compliments are a great way to say something romantic to a girl.

The problem with compliments is that if they are overused, they tend to make girls feel that you are fake and not true at all!

Here is my little rule on compliments: never more than two in a month.

It seems too little, but it’s a safe number, just don’t say to her two compliments on one day, you will sound so immature and like everyone else.

The fourth one is: “you are unique”

Why do girls want to dress differently and always chose clothes that will not be chosen by other girls?

They want to be unique and to be perceived as trendy.

If you tell a girl that she is unique, you’d have said something that very few guys will ever say to her and this will make a girl feel nice.

Say it while saying to her what’s unique about her.

The same rule as with compliments, do give too much of this too!

The fifth romantic word to say to a girl: not a word

I hate to say this to you, but there is a saying I love so much: “saying is ending!”

Whenever you say your true emotions and how you feel, you are going to get the very opposite!

For example, go to a girl and tell her that “you are so beautiful”.

Is she going to like what you’ve said? No way, most girls are going to look at you strangely and ignore you.

However, what if you went to that same girl and instead of saying that she is beautiful; you simply looked at her and smiled a little.

She will be in heaven!

The fifth romantic word is then: smile at her.

The sixth one is look her right in the eyes while smiling.

Eye contact is the most powerful tool to express your feelings and to make girls like you.

If you like a girl, just look her in the eyes and smile a little at her, she is going to know that you are being very romantic to her.

The seventh romantic word is: “you make me feel happy”

It’s one of the best things you can say to a girl and it will get stuck to her mind all the week.

The eight one is: tease her a little

I like teasing girls, it will make them laugh and at the same time they are going to feel for sure that I like being and spending time with them.

The ninth romantic word to say to a girl is: a kiss on the cheek

As I’ve said before, saying something is killing all the expectations around it.

Instead of saying what you feel and making the girl angry at you, why no act on what you feel?

If you like a girl, ask her out and be great to her, then just kiss her on the cheek, it’s the most wonderful expression of love and romance.

The tenth romantic word to say to a girl is: hold her hand.

Girls want to feel protected and secure when they are with their guy.

Holding hands is one of the best ways to express your love to a girl.

These ten romantic words to say to a girl will make you a pleasure and a total satisfaction to every girl you meet and date; just remember that saying things is killing their effects and powers.

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Good luck!