10 secret scents to attract women

These ten secret scents to attract women I’m going to share with you are going to make you smell amazingly good and look very attractive to women.

Women have a much more developed sense of smell than us men, for example, they can distinguish the ingredients of a meal just by smelling it, whereas we guys can only eat it :)

This is such a great opportunity for guys to make themselves unique and very attractive to women, they just have to wear the right scent to attract them.

But the big issue is that most guys will never think about buying cologne or a fragrance to attract women, and even when they think about doing it, they will think that they are choosing the right one, but in fact, they are just victims of crooked advertisement.

I’m going to share with you the top ten secret scents to attract women very easily to you.

Here is what will happen when you apply one of these scents: you are going to be sitting somewhere minding your own business when all of a sudden, an attractive woman will shyly ask you about the fragrance you are wearing.

It’s very powerful and attractive to women.

The first secret scent to attract women is to smell neutral.

Before I tell you about all these great scents you can apply to seduce women, I must first give you some instructions on how to apply them.

The most important one is to take good showers with natural products.

I’m sure that you use a scented soap or body wash when taking showers.


It’s not that bad, but when you are going to apply some of the scents I’m going to give you, you are going to create a mixture of smells which will irritate women and not attract them at all.

My advice is: only use natural, unscented olive oil soap and wash your hairy parts at least three times with this soap whenever you shower.

It’s the best way to drive away all the nasty smells and to give anything you are going to apply on you a space to appear and make you attractive.

The second secret scent to attract women is Caramel

Wait a second? Isn’t caramel a kind of sweets?

Absolutely true, it’s a dark sweet sugary candy we used to eat when we were kids.

It’s delicious and amazingly tasty.

I’m going to tell you a little secret: we will all remember those little nice smells we grow up with when we were kids.

Women have been eating caramel and pastries when they were kids too and they still love and remember the taste.

When you wear this scent, guess what, women are going to associate you with sweet memories of the past, sweet things and nice delicious celebrations with ma and pa!

Women will be under your spell!

This is a great scent that will not only attract women to you but will also make them like you by just being near them.

It’s easy to buy such a scent, just go to amazon.com and type the word caramel in the beauty section.

It’s a bit pricy, but you only need to apply a single drop to have all its magic.

The third secret scent to attract women is Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

It’s one of the most attractive colognes for men you can ever buy; it’s available in amazon too and will ship in less than five days.

The best thing about this cologne is that if you don’t know about it, you won’t buy it.

I’ve never met a man who was wearing it, ever!

Guys don’t know about the great stuff in this post! this is the reason why you have to beat them at this and apply what you are going to learn here.

The fourth scent is 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

This one too is great cologne too, it’s a bit known, but still one of the best out there.

You will love all the comments you are going to receive from women after wearing it.

The fifth scent to attract women is vanilla extract

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that women love ice-cream, and if you ask a woman about her favorite ice-cream, she will certainly either tell you chocolate of vanilla.

This is the same thing as wearing a caramel scent, women will want to eat you when they meet you :)

It’s so powerful and attractive.

Follow my advice on this one.

Take a drop of vanilla extract, dilute it in some water, source water is preferred, and then wash your hair with a little of it, not all of it.

And wait for the results.

Women will nearly throw themselves at you.

The sixth scent is Giovanni Sugar Scrub

It’s a body wax for women!

Relax; you can put it too :)

It smells of chocolate, in fact, when you smell it, you may be tempted to eat a little of it, don’t do it :)

It’s a product dedicated to women, but you can cheat a little.

Take a tiny bit, and scrub your neck with it.

After some few minutes, you are going to start smelling of chocolate!

Do you think women will like this smell?

A woman once told me that she wanted to “BIT ME” the first time I talked to her.

It’s amazing how this one will work and it’s very cheap too.

The seventh secret scent to attract women is rose extract

Roses are beautiful plants, but we tend to forget that they have been grown for centuries for their smell.

This one isn’t related to food, but it’s very attractive.

In fact, it’s the smell I use often these days and my wife and my female coworkers just can’t get enough of it.

I don’t like the industrial processed rose extract, I tend to buy an expensive one from amazon and use only a little bit on my clothes.

The smell will never leave you unless you wash your clothes.

The eight smells is a vintage cologne

Most colognes you are going to buy these days are pretty much used by most guys.

Most men know about the internet and how to use it and they are going to look for the same old fashioned tricks to find great scents.

But very few are actually going to invest the time and read something such as this post.

Trust me, one of my best kept secret for smelling attractive to women is to use old vintage colognes.

Just have a visit to your beauty shop and ask them about a scent which have been around for decades, this will differ from country to country, then choose the oldest one.

Here is the trick: cologne can’t exist if it’s not selling well, and if it existed for many decades, this will mean one thing, it’s rocking the place!!

Young quicky men don’t know about this secret, so go ahead and look for a nice one in your local store.

The ninth one is smelling sweaty

Don’t laugh at this idea, but for a very long time, men didn’t use any cologne and they were able to attract women easily.

Do you know why?

It’s because men will naturally make pheromones that are so sexy and so attractive to women.

Here is the secret to smelling naturally attractive: eat lots of oranges and greens.

I was a big meat eater and I’ve always smelled terrible.

I couldn’t wear white shirts because they’d get stained with my very strong odor and sweat.

But when I started paying attention to my diet and started eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, my smell changed dramatically.

I can go out without putting any cologne and still smell nice, it’s natural and no one will ever do it.

The tenth scent to attract women is to use a cinnamon scent

Cinnamon is one of the nicest scents to smell.

Usually, it’s only available in highly expensive colognes and alcohols, but I’ve found a nice trick.

I’ll buy some natural cinnamon extract and apply it to my hair as indicated before.

You will become magnetic to women if you apply it.

A bonus scent to attract women: smell fruity

If you have got some strawberry, coconut or pear extract laying somewhere, use a little bit of it on your neck or chest.

You are going to smell wonderful for the rest of the day and women like these strange but pleasant and fruity smells so much.

These were the best scents I use to attract women and to make them notice me instantly;.