Five places to take a woman on a second date.

I don’t want to disturb you with more advices on places to take women to, so I’ll tell you this frankly: don’t read this post unless you’ve already got a first date with a woman, you will just waste your time.

This post is all about second dates and where you take a woman to.

If you don’t have already gone through a first date with her, don’t read it (I think I’ve already told you this).

The most important thing you need to know now is how to invite her to a second date?

I know, not the topic of this discussion, but it’s such an essential thing that will influence all what you are going to do on your second date with her.

Here is the right way to set a second date with her:

You call her, you tell her that you are going to be at (choose a place from the coming places) and invite her to join you.

It’s easy and it’s very effective, but the thing you need to understand is that you must be true to her and be really going to the place you’ve mentioned to her.

As an example, I’ve called a woman once and told her that I’m going to be at a nearby park and she should join me.

She excused herself and told me that she was busy.

Guess what!!?

I was at that park walking and feeding the ducks when all of a sudden she called me and told me to meet her at the gate.

Women love to test men, they will test you on your integrity and actions all the time, be true.

Anyway, let’s talk about the places where to take her on a second date.

1.       The first place is the one mentioned above: a park.

Here is another advice for you: don’t go to the fancy places yet with her, think of your second date as a way to tell her that you are a fun attractive person, don’t impress her with a fancy meal at a fancy place, impress her with a great fun you at a great fun place.

Another thing is the kind of places to go to.

They must be not crowded and they must have some fun activities to do in them.

A park is a great example, when you are with her, you will most likely see calm people walking around or jogging, friendly faces, policemen on horses. . .

It’s a secure and friendly environment, and you will have lots of fun activities to do.

2.       The next place to take a woman to on a second date is your house.

You may think that I’m kidding you and I’m making fun of you, well the truth is that I am a little :), but this place is the real deal.

Think of my last advice: not very crowed and fun!

My home is the friendliest place I know of and the most fun place to be.

I’ve got a playstation3, a lot of books, a lot of great albums and a great cozy sofa.

You must be thinking that it’s an impossible thing to take a woman to your house on a second date.

It’s not that difficult, you only need to not focus on it, in other words, don’t make it the only place to go to when you invite her.

Have a backup place in mind.

Call her and tell her to meet you for example at a nearby coffee shop.

I tend to go to her wearing stupid clothes, and I’d tell her that I’m not done getting ready yet, I grab her by the hand, and I take her home.

Trust me, most of the women would look amazed and they’d follow me.

When I enter my house, I don’t throw myself at her and kiss her like a sexual predator!!

No no no, I simply ask them to make themselves comfortable, I’d get them a closed pack of peanuts and almonds and I’d leave them.

Then I’ll go change.

After some few moments, I come to her and tell her that I’ve got this great thing to show to her, I take her by hand and I’d usually play her a great song or show her some art by some friends.

Then I get ready and we go for a walk.

On my third date, I just tell her to come to my home straight away.

You will never believe how the girl will like it and like to come to your house straight forward.

But be aware that this technique is a bit dangerous!

The reason is that a woman will start liking you and getting into the relationship mode with you.

Very soon, she will forget some clothes at your place, then she’ll bring you a piece of sandwich, and suddenly you will find her brush with yours and lots of her stuff laying around the house.

3.       The next place to take a woman on a second date is nowhere.

Just take her for a small walk and have some nice talks with her.