Ten secrets to being attractive to women

These ten secrets to being attractive to women are going to make you a highly in demand man among the ladies for one simple reason: they work.

I’ve seen that a lot of guys are into buying lots of expensive stuff and accessories to attract women, this is good, but there are better ways to do it.

The best of these ways is to read these ten secrets to being attractive to women, understand them and start using them, you won’t believe the amount of success you are going to have with the ladies.

·          The first secret to being attractive to women is to wear dark colors

You may have already read a dozen articles before stumbling upon this one, and I’m sure that in these articles, you have probably read about some very fancy and very elaborate techniques to being attractive to women.

I don’t believe in these little sneaky techniques, what I’m going to give you is simple and very effective, and you don’t have to become something different to start attracting women.

We men tend to be color blind, we will wear different colors and tones without ever paying the slightest attention on the effects they may have on women.

For example, before I learned about this secret, I would usually wear something like a red shirt with blue pants and grey shoes.

This was great for my work, but when it came to women, I sucked real bad!

The first secret to being attractive to women is to wear dark colors like dark green, dark blue, black and dark brown.

Don’t try other combinations, they won’t work for you.

However, if you have got a dark skin, you can add to these colors red and yellow.

Apart from these, don’t wear anything with vibrant colors; it will only turn away women.

·          The second secret to being attractive to women is to walk tall

This is another no-brainer secret that few men will ever think about.

Women love tall guys, I won’t say the contrary.

If a woman is given a choice between a tall guy and a less tall guy, she’d go with the taller one.

Does this mean that shorter guys will be left single!!?

Absolutely not, what women love about tall guys isn’t the fact that they are tall, but the fact that their height is going to make them look confident and strong.

This is why I’ve tried different combinations of looks until I’ve found a very simple and effective one, it’s to walk tall, not looking to the ground and not bending your head down.

It’s that simple, try it now and you are going to feel more confident and more self-assured.

·          The third secret is look into women’s eyes

These two secrets I’ve just told you are great, but the best of the best is this one: eye contact is king!!!

Women aren’t looking for top models and guys who look like rock stars, they are simply looking for confident men who can be serious and fun to be with, it’s that simple.

Now, I want you to do a little exercise, go to YouTube and watch some videos about lions and other strong mammals.

Weird :)

When you are done, I want you to reflect on this: dominant males are going to have strong eye contact with less dominant ones.

We tend to forget that we humans are animal-like in some way, and women are more controlled by their animal side than they think they are.

So if you approach a woman and you make strong eye contact with her all the time, you are going to implicitly tell her that you are: dominant, sexy, strong, determined, courageous, attractive . . .

Women understand this a lot.

·          The fourth secret is to talk slowly

Whenever you are talking to a woman, just slow down a little, don’t say all what you have to say in less than a minute, talk to her slowly, stop a little, look into her eyes and look relaxed.

Talking slowly will give you an image of comfort and confidence.

·          The fifth secret is to use cocky humor

I’ve got a great post about this one; here it is, click here! you are going to find how to use proper humor to make her like you and feel attracted to you immediately.

·          The sixth one is smell nice

Women have a very developed sense of smell; they can notice little scents that we men would never know they even existed.

If you don’t already smell attractive, you are definitely losing a lot of opportunities with women.

The best smell I’ve found so far to attract women is to put on some natural smell like rose extract, just a little bit.

It’s really unbeatable and I’ve never found a man in this country who would do it.

·          The seventh one is to have great shoes

This is one of the most influential things you can do to start being attractive to women.

I was once with a female friend of mine, she was single and looking, I tried to hook her up with a friend of mine.

I pointed at him when he was coming to us; she saw him and immediately told me “not in a million years!”

She was nice but distant to him.

When he was gone, I asked her about her reasons and I’ll never forget what she said: “he has horrible shoes”

Women pay a great deal of attention to your look and especially your shoes.

And it’s not that difficult to get great ones; you just go to footlocker or any other store and ask that a woman chooses for you.

Women have universally a great taste in chose.

·          The eight secret to being attractive to women is to decide for them

When you are with a woman, don’t hesitate to decide for her, she will like it.

We were raised as nice guys; this will be our first problem with women.

You have to understand that she wants you to decide for her and to take risks for her, she wants you to take charge, it’s your job as a man.

·          The ninth secret to being attractive to women is: don’t compliment them a lot

If you want them to like you and feeling great about you, don’t over compliment them.

I know, sounds like a horrible idea, but it works, it will make women wait for your compliments and even desire them.

Which is great and very attractive to them.

·          And the tenth secret is: listen to them

Women hate it when they talk to a guy and he just doesn’t listen.

If you listen to them, you are going to find them telling you all the things they like and all their little secrets to use against them later on to make them feel even more attracted to you.

It’s not that difficult to being attractive to women, you only need to apply these ten secrets.