15 effective and sexy flirting techniques to seduce women

Flirting is sexy!

If you don’t flirt with a woman, she will never feel sexual attraction for you.

These fifteen flirting techniques I’ll give you here will work perfectly, there is one obstacle, it’s your body language, if it reflects lack of confidence, they will never work.

  • Flirting technique number one is: tease her

I should have written at the beginning that flirting is simply teasing a woman.

The biggest part of the flirting process is simply to tease the woman and to make her have fun when with you.

You tease a woman by doing this: you look her right in the eyes and tell her: “you like me!” and then keep looking.

This will sound moronic and stupid, but it works, try it before saying that it’s foolish.

A lot of what does work amazingly well with women can seem very childish and like kids’ mischief, but you need to judge the result, not the process.

  • The second flirting technique is to hold her hand and read it.

Relax, you don’t need to be a voodoo shaman to perform this, I’ll give you the perfect lines to do it and succeed at it.

Let me first tell you about one thing: women are fascinated by magic and spirituality.

If you don’t believe me, try the lines I’m going to give you on your mother, sister or girlfriend, they will all be fascinated.

Here is the first line: you hold her hand; you look at it carefully and then say this: “I can see in your heart line that your soul is magnetic, it attracts good people in your life, but it will also attract a lot of bad negative people too”.

You then simply look her as if you are expecting her to answer you.

Man! You will not believe her reaction, she will look at you and say something  like “yes, it’s true!!!” and she will be totally fascinated by you.

This is not lying to her, it’s only teasing her and making her have fun with you.

The next great line is to simply do the same as before and say this: “your life line is very extended, but it has a lot of branches, this means that your life can be full of surprises, unexpected love, unexpected adventure….”

You get the idea, the more fun and daring you are, the better.

  • The third flirting technique is to tell her that you were attacked.

I did this one a lot with women I was dating and it would always work and draw all the attention to me.

I’ll go to a woman I like and tell her that on my way I was violently attacked, then she will look at me as if she is expecting me to tell her that I was attacked by a dog or a criminal, then I proceed to horrify the story and give her the idea that it was very dangerous…

Then, I’ll tell her that I got nearly raped! (Keep reading, it’s fun)

Then, she will be all into comforting me and asking me about what happened.

Then I tell her that “she” couldn’t keep her hands of me even though the police came and pointed their guns at this great looking blond.

I’ll tell her that I am so attractive and amazingly sexy that this will happen to me a lot with blonds and brunets, especially busty ones.

Be ready, the woman you are with will probably hit you and giggle a lot.

This one is pretty scary at first, but it’s worth the little punch at the end.

  • The fourth flirting technique is to look into her eyes without saying a word to her.

I didn’t know this!

Our eyes are one of the greatest seducers if correctly used.

Here is how: you start looking at her eyes deeply and without looking away, when the girl will want to speak, simply put your finger on her mouth to silence her and keep looking in her eyes.

This is an intense flirting technique that will probably end up with a hot and passionate kiss!

You are warned ;-)

  • The fifth one is to tell her that you don’t like her

You look into her eyes and simply tell her that you need to say something to her, you then tell her that you don’t like her!

She will look puzzled, then hold her hand and tell her that she didn’t bring you any cookies or food and that’s the reason.

“You don’t take good care of me!!”

Next time you meet her, she will bring you something nice.

Women are very nice when they like you and they will do nice things for you when you ask them too, especially when it’s about food.

  • The sixth technique is lying to her.

Just make a stupid foolish lie and tell it to her.

Like this one: “I saw an alien smoking on my way!!”

She will look at you, then simply keep on lying even if she knows you are lying.

A lot of flirting is simply teasing and being daring, this is the only formula you will need to come up with your own techniques and flirting ideas.

  • The seventh one is holding her hand

When you are with her, just hold her hand gently.

Give it a squeeze of attention, small and gentle, women like this, so do it.

  • The eight flirting technique is calling her

I don’t mean that you call her when she is away, what I mean is this: you call her when she is near you and you keep asking her to hurry and get back.

When she does, chase her away nicely and in a fun way.

This one too is an amazing technique that will work every time.

  • The ninth one is chasing her

You may think that this one can be an extremely stupid technique, but the truth is that if done in a cocky and funny way, it will make a woman laugh a lot and start liking being with you.

When she is walking next to you, just chase her away and tell her: “why are you following me!!!???”

Don’t do it while frowning and being too serious, do it gently and in a fun way.

She will certainly come back and hit you, which is great.

  • The tenth technique to flirt with a woman is to sing to her.

I don’t mean singing like Enrique Iglesias, what I mean is singing like a donkey, the worse the better.

I don’t want to insult you, but you should be stupid and funny with women, it does work, and it’s more fun than being serious and boring.

So, tell her that you’ve got a surprise for her and then look her right in the eyes and start torturing her with your voice, a song I like to sing to my wife when I flirt with her is Enrique Iglesias song Hero.

Another great one is to sing a song she really likes and enjoys in a horrible way.

  • The eleventh one is giving and pulling

You show her a delicious treat, a candy or a fruit, you unwrap it and then you pretend like you will give it to her, then you eat it in front of her without sharing a bit with her.

She will go mad and angry at you, but it’s ok!

She will like you even more when you tease her about it.

  • The twelfth technique is playing a musical instrument for her.

I learned a few songs to play on classical guitar, and let me tell you that whenever I start playing with it, my wife will come and sit next to me, then she would hold me and want to cuddle later with me.

This will not just happen with people in relationships, but also with girls you are dating.

Women love music, especially the guitar.

You don’t need to be a great guitarist or spend a thousand bucks on a guitar, just buy a cheap, nice looking one, learn a few simple and nice songs, practice and play one or two to her.

She will like it.

  • The thirteenth technique is to protect her.

I don’t mean that you need to throw yourself at danger for her sake, it’s useless and stupid.

What you need to do is this: tell her that she doesn’t have to fear anything; you need to express it in words.

Another great one is to hold her hand when crossing and give her your coat when it’s a little cold.

You can’t imagine how this technique is powerful, all women love to feel protected by their men, they want to be looked at as valuable.

  • The fourteenth technique is to make her laugh a little.

Just tell her a nice joke or a nice fun story, sometimes, flirting with a woman is simply changing her mood and making her feel good about herself.

You shouldn’t be all the time daring, annoying and cocky, don’t forget to comfort her and be warm when she needs to.

  • And the fifteenth flirting technique is to tell her that you like being with her.

Warning: don’t use this one immediately with a girl, I prefer to use all the previous techniques first, this way I’ll make sure that she will know my fun and cocky side of personality first.

Good luck.