10 signs to dump your girlfriend

These are the ten definite signs to dump your girlfriend, watch out for them and be ready to act when you see one of them.

I won’t give you here the “very” obvious sings like cheating and trying to murder you!

No, what I’m going to give you are ten easy to notice sings that you need to dump your girlfriend fast, because if you don’t do it, she will and very soon.

You can’t go soft on her when you see these signs, they are very revealing and if you wait any longer, you will lose a lot in the end.

The first sign to dump your girlfriend is when she gives you too much cold shoulders

Cold shoulders are when you want to talk to her and she doesn’t, when you want to kiss her and she avoids you, when you want to grab her hand and she takes it from you . . .

This is what I call cold shoulders; it’s a dangerous sign and usually means two things:

She either doesn’t like you anymore or she is upset with you.

Don’t get me wrong on this one, your girlfriend is going to give a cold shoulder once in a while, when you’d tease her too much, when she is upset because you didn’t take her somewhere. . .

These things can happen, but the one you need to watch out for is when she gives you cold shoulders all the time.

It’s going to be rare when you see her happy and talking lively to you, it will be very rare that she is receptive in bed; for example: you didn’t have sex for more than three months . . .

It’s a sign to dump your girlfriend and fast.

The second sign is she is too stubborn

Whenever you tell her not to do something and she does it any way!

If you advise her on a personal issue, she won’t care about you or your opinions and she will keep on doing what’s just on her head!

If she does this from time to time and on some minor things, then it’s not a big deal, however, if you tell her not to wear a g-thong with her jeans because everyone is going to see her bottom ****, yet she does it anyway, then you are left no choice!

The third one is she is lousy in bed

I don’t mean here that she doesn’t know how to satisfy you in bed, what I mean is that she doesn’t want to have sex with you!

This is a huge problem in long term couples, the guy will want to have intimacy with his girlfriend, but she will ignore his needs and become frigid in his presence.

Warn her, and then dump her if she is cold as usual!

The fourth one is she is highly jealous

Asking you from time to time about the girls at work is nothing alarming, but accusing you of cheating on her eve time you come late home is very weird!

If she is over jealous and makes your life a living hell, then confront her and tell her to get herself handled, if she is still the same, get out before she kills you!

The fifth sign to dump your girlfriend is she is sick

Flu or a little stomach pain is normal.

Having a heart attack at age twenty five is not so normal!

If you are still young and you’ve got your whole life waiting ahead of you, why waist it with a girlfriend who is sick all the time and who doesn’t satisfy you emotional and sexual needs?

I know, it’s not human to think this way, but what’s not human at all is sacrificing your life while you are still young!

Dump her and let her parents do the job!

The sixth one is she flirts with other guys

A friend had a very beautiful girlfriend in the past, he loved her and cared a lot for her, she felt the same, but she was a big flirt, she would talk to other guys, she would laugh with them and even become touchy feely with them.

He was left with one choice, dumping her!

If you notice the same thing, do the same or she will tell you one day that she is moving with this new man she met in your presence some four months ago!

The seventh sign to dump your girlfriend is she steals from you

If you notice that some money is missing from your wallet, why not write down the numbers on some bills and test her.

If you really find out that she is stealing, then it’s high time to either inform the cops (which is not a good idea) or pack her things and say goodbye to her.

You may think that it’s a strange idea, but I had a similar case.

I was dating a woman, she was ok financially, but she had the habit of taking others’ belongings.

For example, if we were at some nice hotel, she’d steal the nice towels or some shampoo, if we went to a restaurant, she’d go to the bathroom and steal a bottle of cheap eau de toilet!!!

I confronted her, she didn’t listen, I counted my cash and then I dumped her!

The eight one is she has emotional affairs

Yes, I’m advising you to spy on your girlfriend from time to time, install software on your computer to record her typing, see if she talks for long hours with some dude on the phone. . .

Read her texts secretly too!

Become suspicious, it’s your right!

If you find her having a love story with someone, even if it’s not sexual, then you need to dump her.

No need to ask her why or telling her to not do it again, just get rid of her.

The ninth sign to dump your girlfriend is she doesn’t respect you

You are with some friends, and she comes and talks to you in a very rude manner.

She is ashamed of you and talks behind your back!

She thinks that you don’t deserve her!

At parties or social events, she will leave you the whole evening, talk to others and totally forgets about you!

She feels that she missed on some rich handsome dude when she chose you!

. . .

Dump her and give her some times to appreciate you more.

The ninth sign to dump your girlfriend is when she keeps lying to you

She just doesn’t learn from her previous lies with you, she keeps on inventing things and coming up with new lies every time. . .

If these lies are related to something like who eat the last cookie, she should be warned and teased about it, but if these lies are something like: I was at Maggi’s when in fact she was somewhere else!!!! Then you must dump her before you find her cheating on you.

These kinds of women are too bad for the long term anyway, so get rid of her before she gets rid of you or break your heart in some cruel ways.