How to start a conversation with a woman

Here are some great techniques and tips to starting a conversation with a woman fast:

However, by using these simple tips and techniques I’m going to provide to you, you will start many conversations with women easily and painlessly.

We tend to think, us guys, that women are relay another specie, you will hear something like “what do I say?”, “she will not replay back?” and other stuff!

Man! Relax!

Women are human after all and they are a very talkative gender to say the least and let me tell you that if you apply these simple techniques I’m going to share with you to start a conversation with them, they are not only going to replay back at you but enjoy your conversations and think of you as “The MAN”.

  • The first one is knowing what type of women you are interested in.

Trust me, sounds like a very useless advice, but in fact, it can save you days and weeks of your time and it can also save you a lot of troubles and rejections from women.

Here is your exercise:

Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down five things you would like to have in a woman.

For example, here is what I’d like to have in a woman:

She must be brunet

She must be between 25 and 32

She must be more than 1.65 meter

She must have green or blue eyes

She must be average in shape, not too fat or too skinny.

By setting these criteria, I’ve narrowed my choice of women and I’d have avoided myself much headaches from women I wasn’t interested in on the first place.

I highly recommend you to do this exercise.

In fact, if you pass this first technique and did this little two minutes exercise, you’d have shown a great character and determination to get this area of your life solved.

  • The second tip to starting a conversation with a woman is finding her.

How can you start a conversation with a woman if you can’t find her on the first place?

I’m going to give you the most important and abundant places with beautiful and available women.

The first place is shops and health food shops, if you don’t have one in your area, you can look for women in shops.

The second place is: coffee shops and coffee houses.

The third place is: libraries and book stores (my favorite ones)

These are the only places you need to focus on; of course, there are other places, but who cares!!?

The competition is usually pretty bad and the women are arrogant.

In these places I’ve provided for you, women aren’t expecting you to approach them, which is an added advantage for you.

  • The third step is approaching her and staring a conversation with her.

It’s the most important step so far and to say the truth, it’s the most difficult one too.

Here are some few obstacles you must avoid before approaching a woman:

Be very good looking, if you look anything than great, there are fewer chances that women are going to notice you.

Smell great, women will like you more if you smell fantastic.

Pay close attention to your shoes and the way you groom, a woman once told me that the secret to attracting women is in the details, so pay close attention to how you appear to women on the outside.

And the most critical obstacle is the way you walk and move.

Women will interpret your body language like it is a matter of life or death.

Women pay huge attention to your body language and will hate you if they notice that you look less than confident from the way you move and walk.

There is only one rule concerning body language: slow = good

Be slow in your moves and behaviors and you will do fine.

Another important thing in your body language is to not smile a lot, women hate it.

That’s all in what concerns your body language.

Let’s talk about the approach, how to approach a woman and start a conversation with her.

Look for the one you like => establish eye contact =>find a reason and go talk to her.

That’s the plan; in fact, it’s the most effective one at approaching women.

It never fails.

You need to first see the one you like and then try to see if she is with someone or has a ring on her finger.

If she is with a guy, avoid her, you will create troubles for yourself if you approach her.

After seeing her, let her see you.

Simply try to establish eye contact with her, when she looks back at you, keep looking at her until she looks away.

Women will rarely admit that they want a guy who is dominant and has got a strong personality, but they do.

All women are looking for this kind of man and by keeping your eye contact with her; you’ve proven yourself to be dominant and decisive.

Now, you only need to find a reason to talking to her, in other words, find another reason beside the obvious one (you want to date her).

And I need to tell you that you reason must be real and have some sense.

Let me give you an example to clarify:

You saw a nice looking woman; you established eye contact and then you noticed that she was holding some book in her hand.

This is your reason, go to her and ask her if the book is interesting, don’t ever walk to a girl and tell her that you like her, she will hate you.

By doing this, you’d have started a conversation with a woman very easily and you will only need one thing, learn how to keep this conversation going long enough to get her phone number.