How to talk to a woman on the phone

Talking to a woman on the phone is so much easier and simpler by applying these ten phone rules.

I’ve never found a situation so simple in appearance and so complex in reality than talking to women on the phone.

It will seem like a really obvious thing to do, but then you would find out that she doesn’t want to see you anymore or that she is very cold towards you when you meet her.

This is all due to how you’ve talked to her on the phone.

Here are my phone rules I use every time to make my conversations completing and sexy to women and trust me, sometimes, I’d hung up and they would call me immediately because they were so charmed and attracted to me while talking to them on the phone.

If you ask any sales man, he would tell you that talking to a client on the phone is probably more important than meeting him!


Because he won’t be distracted a lot!

This is the same thing with women, if you want to talk to her face to face, you will need a lot of attention and efforts to draw her interest, but if you talk to her on the phone, she would be grabbing it and only focusing on you and what you’ve got to say.

Use this to your advantage.

Now, how can you talk to a woman on the phone?

  • First, you’d need to get her phone the right way.

We can’t discuss talking with her on the phone without first dealing with how you got it in the first place.

Did you beg for it?

Did you annoy her to give it to you?

Or did you ask for it in a calm and confident manner?

It’s very important and the way she gave you her number will tell a lot about how she will deal with you when you call her on the phone.

With this in mind, let’s say that you got it in a manly way.

Here are my rules to talking to a woman on the phone:

As a rule of thumb:

1. Never beg or ask for her number in a humiliated manner.

Women may give it to you, but they won’t answer or even if they did, they will be cold and distant.

2. Don’t call her before the three days mark.

This is a very important rule, so pay close attention!

Always wait AT LEAST three days before calling her.

If you feel confident enough, you can break this rule, but personality, I’d wait at least two days before calling her.

3. Never call a woman immediately after

This one too is very important, never call a woman immediately, it’s a sign of weakness and neediness.

4. Rule four is to never sound desperate.

A lot of guys would call a woman and then they’d start begging her for a date or talking to her for a long stretch of time.

This is the most direct way to end any attraction she had for you.

5. Rule five is: don’t ask for a date on your first call.

I’ve tried many things and approaches to getting dates with women; this is the only one that would get me positive results almost every time.

Let’s be direct here, why do most guys call women?

To get a date!

Women know this and they’d be expecting you to do it and ready to terminate you cold!

The best thing is to phone her the first time to just chat and then hung up, then on the second phone call, you’d ask her for a formal date.

I may do this: call her the first time, be cocky and funny with her, then call her a few days later, chat about things and let her talk to me and then I’d tell her that I have to go quickly, on the third phone call, I’ll tell her that I’ll be on Saturday afternoon at this nice coffee shop and that she should join me.

If she tells me that she is busy, I’d joke with her a little and be a cocky with her about not wanting to be with me because she knows I’m too sexy, then propose another free time.

That’s how you can minimize a lot of hassles and troubles later on.

6. The sixth rule is: be brief.

You can’t imagine how many guys will blow their chances with a woman just because they couldn’t hang up.

They’d call her and as soon as she starts talking to them, they’d listen to her, then talk for a few minutes (more than fifteen), then try to make phone sex with her or something stupid, then she’d be a little pissed at them and then she’d be the one to hung up on them!!

Most guys behave this way; they think that the phone is a tool to seduce her.

Well, no, the phone’s only role is to make you get a date with her, if you want to seduce her, you got be face to face with her.

So, be brief, talk a little and be straightforward with her.

7. The seventh rule is to be fun.

Don’t talk to her like an accountant would talk to his clients, in other words, don’t make her fall asleep.

That’s a simple and direct way to never hear from her again.

8. The eight rule for calling a woman on the phone is to tell her why you called her.

I wasn’t doing this in the past, but one day I was really bored, I called a woman and I told her that I wanted to go get some clothes and she should come with me, she was positive and very nice and we met.

I was quit astonished by this, tried it again and it worked.

It appears that women are fed up with this entire BS from guys, so, if you call her the second time and told her that you want to see her, she would probably feel great about you and she will like you more.

Be direct with women, they will feel reassured about you.

9. Remember all these rules

Don’t just apply one of these and forget about the others, it will mess the whole conversation for you.

Review this entire article and then see what you need to tweak in your conversations.

Why not rehearse in your head a little, I’ve done it and it has helped me a lot.

10. The tenth rule is: always hang up first.

Don’t wait for her to hang up on your face, be the first to say bye and go on with your life.

Women hate it when you were great and fun with your conversation and then you said bye and hanged up on them, however, it a thing they’d love to hate about you.

It’s a great way to show them that you’ve got a busy, great life.

These are my ten rules to talking to women on the phone, I apply them every time and they work great.