How to tell if a woman loves you?

These are the most obvious and important signs to tell is a woman love you or not, use them every single time to know for sure how she feels about you.

In dating and attracting women, you have to be sure of what you are doing and whether or not you are doing the right things!

A great problem many guys are going to face with women is that they will be unable to tell if they are true to them or not, if they love them or not.

Using this few tips I’m going to give you, you can tell if a woman loves you or not very easily.

The first tip is the amount of time she speaks to you

Let’s be mathematical here for a second!

If she talks to you for a very few moments and then keep silent or simply leave, then she doesn’t feel good about you, however, if a woman speaks to you for a very extended period of times and she shares a lot with you, then it’s a great sign that she likes you and loves you a lot.

Here is the thing you need to understand about women: they are going to want to talk a lot with the man they love and they will be distant and very “friendly” with the men they don’t feel emotionally close to.

The second tip to tell if a woman loves you is the way she looks at you

When a woman loves you, she is going to be looking at you a lot.

This is one of the most obvious signs that she appreciates you and loves you.

Scientists try to explain this by saying that the woman would like to know more about the man she loves and to analyses him more.

It’s a great way if you are in doubt, because sometimes, there are some shy women who would not talk to you for a very long time, but they are going to stare at you and look in your direction for a great deal of time.

The third tip is to notice the topics she speaks with you about

If she speaks about politics, education, general topics . . . she is probably considering you as a colleague or a “friend”, however, if she talks about romance, relationships, her family, mother, her recent friend who just found the love of her life, cooking, places to go out to . . . she is probably trying to say something implicitly to you.

This is by the way a great way to know if she loves you or not because most women would never talk about these topics unless they really feel something for you.

The fourth tip to tell if a woman loves you is the way she laughs at your jokes

Whenever you say something stupid or funny to her, she is going to laugh a lot about it and then smile at you.

This is another very obvious sign.

You need to be careful about this one and notice whether her laughs are true or fake.

If they seem a little fake to you, she may be playing you for a fool and trying to get something from you, however, if she laughs genuinely and feels very good when you are with her, it means that it’s not her brain which is laughing and reacting to you, it’s her whole body!

In other words: she can’t fake it.

The fifth sign to tell if a woman loves you or not is sticking to you

When she is sticking to you all the time and following you whenever and wherever you go, it simply means that she likes being with you and she feels very protected when you are around.