20 essential things that attract women to men

After reading these 20 essential things that attract women to men, you will become a master at being the kind of man women are desperately looking for.

There is a lot of talking about what are the things that actually attract women to men, some will say that it’s written in the stars; others are going to argue that it’s the car the man drives. . .

I know what are the things that attract women to men, I’ve passed more than six years searching and learning about them.

Here are they, I’ll give you twenty features that REALLY attract women to men; you don’t have reinvent yourself or become someone you aren’t, just use them and you will see results almost immediately.

The first thing that will attract women to men is his facial features

It’s strange to describe what an attractive man will look like.

Even women are confused about this and can’t get their mind on what will really pull them to a certain man and not another one.

I’ve learned over a lot of experiences and errors that the best thing that will attract a woman to a man is his facial features, in other words, how his face will look like.

The best facial feature that will attract women isn’t a happy-go-lucky one as most people would have guessed, but a serious determined one.

It’s strange, if you look nice and caring, you will not be as attractive as if you look strong and badass!

It works!

The second thing that attracts women to men is his teeth

For a very long time, I took care of everything, my clothes, hair, body . . . but I forgot about one of the most important body features, teeth!!

They were near yellow, my thong looked weird . . .

It was a woman who once told me that I looked perfect if it wasn’t for my yellow teeth.

It was then that I decided to pay close attention to them.

Women love to see your teeth white and healthy.

It’s not that difficult or expensive to get a whitening kit, it will cost you less than fifty bucks and you are going to get the perfect white teeth in less than fifteen days.

The third thing is the shoes

If you have got everything under control but your shoes are kind of messy, you will kiss success with women goodbye.

Women do care about your outer looks and what they will pay attention to the most are your shoes.

Never wear colorful, childish, sport, non-leather ones; they will ruin your look.

The fourth one is your walk

Do you walk straight or a little bend over?

Don’t underestimate this one; it will make a huge difference to your appearance.

Simply put: you need to walk tall and straight, don’t lean a lot and don’t look to the ground, it will show lack of confidence.

The fifth one is your hair

If you’ve got long hair, cut it short, if it’s too oily and greasy, change shampoo, if you are bald, cut everything, if your hairy is messy, do something about it.

Women don’t like long hair, so make it short.

You aren’t here to join a boys’ band, you are here to attract women, so do what works with them.

The sixth one is your beard

Beard or no beard?

Believe it or not, women do like men with beards more than they like men without them.

It will demonstrate a mature attitude and confidence to have a beard.

However, beards do take a lot of efforts to maintain, so take good care of them.

If your beard isn’t growing nicely and harmoniously, cut it down, you will look nicer.

The seventh essential thing that attract women to men is your eyes

In this day and age, eye contact is king!

The less-confident men can become the most badass by just using their eyes differently.

Women love it when you look them right into their eyes; they love to feel that they are with a strong confident man.

It’s a definite turn on for women.

The eight thing is your ears and nose

Those two little hairs hanging from your nose and ears aren’t attractive at all!

Women will feel disgusted by them, so why not trim them every week; you will look healthy and clean.

The ninth thing is your height

It’s no secret, women like tall men better than short ones.

Here is a little thing you can do if you are a little short: stand tall.

No need to make surgery or hard long trainings, just stand tall a little and you are going to gain more than three centimeters easily.

Another great thing is to buy special tools.

Nothing too fancy, they are called height increase elevator shoes.

You put them either inside your shoes or outside and you are going to gain another three centimeters.

The great thing about them is that they will make a short guy look naturally tall.

The tenth one is your shirt.

What your put on your back can greatly determine how attractive you are going to be to women.

Here is what has worked for me: avoid light colors, chose dark colors, and avoid mixing lots of colors at the same time, for example, wearing a dark green shirt with yellow pants and black shoes!!!

The eleventh one is your smile

Don’t smile a lot if you want to attract women.

Smiling will make you less attractive!

The twelfth one is your look

Don’t try to look nice and lovely, you are going to appear childish.

What women are looking for in a man is a mature aggressive look.

For example, a woman would choose a balled man who looks mature and has no smile on his face than a young hairy man who looks like a teenager.

The more you look angry and determined the better.

The thirteenth one is your smell

Women will pay much more attention to the way you smell than the way you smile.

You can look horrible, but if you smell nice and attractive, women are going to like you and feel attracted to you.

Look for great cologne and put it on whenever going out.

The fourteenth one is your friends

Women hate/love the lone wolf style of men.

A woman wants you to be comfortable with being lonely but at the same time, she wants to know and see that you are very sociable.

When you go out to meet women, try to be with some cool friends who know what they are doing too with women, when you see one you like, go talk to her, she will like the fact that you are with your buddies and having a good time.

The fifteenth one is your personality

If you are nice and easy going with women, it won’t cut it for you, you have to become a bit edgy with them, you need to not tolerate their bad behaviors with you, you need to be very masculine when it comes to your desires with them.

I was once sitting with an amazingly beautiful woman, she has big nice boobs, I was looking at them while she was talking to me, suddenly she asked me what I was doing, I then explained to her that she has the most awesome pair of breasts I’ve ever seen.

She was faltered.

The sixteenth one is your level of confidence

If I asked you to go talk to a woman right now, would you do it?

Women need to see that they are with a confident man; they need to sense that you can protect them and stand for them.

Confidence is the best turn on for women.

The seventeenth one is your level of courage

Courage and confidence are highly linked to each other’s.

You can’t have one without the other.

It’s important that when you are with a girl you can lead her and decide for her.

It’s a great turn on for women and they can’t date you unless you can decide and lead them.

The eighteenth one is your body shape

It’s not that big of a deal when it comes to women, but they will appreciate that you are skinny and muscular; women like to see men looking strong and powerful.

However, don’t get depressed if you are a bit chubby, just apply the latter tips and you will look and be great.

The ninetieth one is fame

If you are in college or working for a big company, it would help you tremendously if you are known among people there.

Women love high social statue.

It’s the same in Facebook, fifty friends are better than five friends!

And the twentieth thing that attracts women to men is your humor

It’s the most essential one!

If you are funny, you can forget about all the latter tips because this one alone will get you all the women you want.

Women can’t stand gloomy depressed looking guys.

They want a funny man who can make them have some laughs and entertain them.