Can you trust women?

Trusting a woman may seem like the next step to take with her, but think again!

First of all, I’m not against trusting women, what I’m against is trusting a woman blindly.

There are many occasions for wish to trust a woman, but this issue doesn’t apply to dating and being on a relationship.

First of all, the reasons for writing such a post:

I usually just write posts about ideas that are itching me and that must be dealt with, but this time, it’s totally different.

I was reading the emails I get from my readers when I stumbled upon an unusual one.

It’s from a guy who seemed quite happy with his romantic life, but who has got a great question:

“What about now? Should I let her choose where to go and decide for me sometimes?”

This was so disguising to me that I decided to not divulge even his initials and not post his full letter!

This is a huge issue that needs to be dealt with very quickly.

Trusting a woman to choose and decide for you is bad!

Don’t do it when you are in a relationship with /dating her!

I may have said before that you can let a woman decide for you, but I’ve never meant by it that you should “let” her decide for all of your life.

Women tests a lot, they will test you even when you are ninety and she is eighty two, and even when you are in a wheelchair and crippled!

Women love to test men and they do it all the time.

The most common test a woman throws at us men is the choice test.

By far, it’s the most recurring one.

Women will bring it to you all the time and harass you with it until you fall down and you do the mistake of letting them take charge.

A woman once told me that she will never want to decide for her man, but she will nag him about doing it!!!!

I think that this is a huge piece of advice.

Women are naturally looking for stronger men and aren’t attracted to weak undeceive guys.

When you let her choose for herself and decide for you and her, she will hate you, period.

That’s the first thing related to trusting a woman: never let her take a decision unless you are totally feeling comfortable, ever, even when you are ninety nine and on your death bed.

The next thing for not trusting a woman is about sex.

I hate to say this, but women are very weak sexually.

They can appear as strong and very decisive when you want to have intercourse with them, but the real truth is that women are very vulnerable when it comes to strong men.

What I’m referring to here is that you should never, ever, trust your woman to go out with “the girls” and invite other men to the house when you are not around.

I know, seems like a crazy idea, but I know from fact that women can fall into some very vulnerable moments when they are alone with another man.

A lot of my friends have told me that they’ve slept with married women; they didn’t know about it when it happened, just because they were in the right place at the right moment!!!!!

I, myself, have got hundreds of phone numbers from married women.

First of all, never be a coward a go after another man’s woman, it’s just plain stupid and can lead you to a gun shot in the testis!!

Women are weak with strong, dominant men; I don’t mean rape here, what I mean is that when she is with a confident man who is driven and takes charger, she will find it difficult to control her sex drive.

My next advice is: guard your woman and don’t let her play around even when it’s “innocent” or when the other guy is a friend of yours or even your brother.

Even women like men who are controlling and who will not let them do what they want and what they please.

Be ready even to stop her from going out when she is dressed in a provoking way.

Do it or you will be at high risk of being cheated on.